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Coronavirus: Hearing aid batteries

Information from the Scottish Government

Because of Covid-19, many Deaf people have not been able to collect new hearing aid batteries because it is not safe to go to hospitals to pick up.

However, in some places in Scotland, libraries are being used as the venues for Community Hubs, means hearing aid batteries are being distributed to libraries across Scotland including looking for the NHS audiology departments to assist with this.

The Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) explained that distributed for hearing aid equipment differs (variety) between local authorities; some councils big bulk and other councils small bulk.

SLIC have told the Scottish Government that all public libraries in Scotland have a record of who collects batteries from them, and SLIC are contacting people to make them aware of what alternative arrangement are in place for them. 

The new arrangement is:

  1. Contact your local Health Board to let them know you want new batteries.
  2. Can arrange with the Health Board for you either to collect from a community hub, or delivery to your home along with your food delivery.

Scottish Government aim to supply of batteries so that people have enough to see them through the lockdown (stay home) at the moment.

Many library services have created English information about hearing aid battery collection on their website and on social media - and some local authorities are distributing a hearing aid (English) leaflet with each battery which have the contact number of a local Health Board audiology officer.

The link for the English information:

You could use ContactSCOTLAND-BSL to contact your local audiology officer to order new batteries. The link:

Last modified on 21 September 2021

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