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Coronavirus: Burning garden waste guidance

Following the closure of our Recycling Centres as part of our COVID-19 response, the Council has seen an increase in the number of complaints regarding householders burning garden waste.

At this time the use of bonfires to dispose of garden waste should be avoided.  Smoke form bonfires can cause nuisance to neighbouring residents and may adversely impact upon those with respiratory conditions.  Please consider that some of your neighbours are in isolation, so opening their windows is the only opportunity to get fresh air.

Alternative methods for disposing of garden waste include composting at home, leaving your grass clippings on the lawn to break down, making a leaf mould or using grass clippings as soil mulch.  If the waste is not suitable for any of these treatments, and you are in a brown bin area, you can purchase a garden waste permit.  

Garden waste bonfires are detrimental to local air quality, may impact your health and that of your neighbours with smoke and odour. If there is no alternative, the following guidance should be followed:

  • Minimise the frequency and duration of bonfires
  • Consider the impact the smoke can have on your neighbours
  •  Any material which is burned should be dry
  • Materials such as general household waste, rubber tyres and items containing paint, foam or plastic should never be burned
  • Do not light bonfires of damp, still days or on windy days