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Current Situation - Perth Clean-up

Perth & Kinross Council is receiving a high volume of reports of sewage contamination from understandably concerned residents. Areas highlighted include the North and South Inches, playparks, properties, basements and gardens.

Sewer flooding can be caused when a drain or sewer becomes full due to heavy rainfall and overflows either inside a property or outside in the garden, street or other public areas. Drains and sewers can also become full when something blocks them and they become choked.

Scottish Water

The Council and its contractors are currently working closely with Scottish Water to clear up sewage left behind by the recent flooding in the city. Paths in the South Inch have been swept and disinfected and the play area is being cleaned by the play contractor. Seating areas on the South Inch and the play area seating on the North Inch will also be cleaned. The golf course on the North Inch will be cleared and cleaned from Bells Sports Centre up to the footpath.


If you have concerns that your street or any part of your property has been contaminated by sewage, then please contact Scottish Water's Customer Engagement Centre on 0800 077 8778 or e-mail