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The PK Offer so far

In 2019 we started to share our thoughts about the Offer; it's hard, because it's a concept that we want to build together. The Offer is about how everyone in the Perth and Kinross community genuinely connect to make our vision for Perth and Kinross happen, a combination of what we all want to see and what we all have to Offer.

"But what is it?" everyone asked.

So we started to explore what this could look like, having open conversations with the people in our communities, our teachers, our third sector groups, our businesses and our PKC staff, Some feedback was unenthusiastic "Seen it all before" ... "Asked what we want and never hear anything back"  But more of the feedback was overwhelmingly supportive: "Love it" ... "This is happening already in some places - how do we share it/make it happen more?" .... "We're in - please let us know how we can help" ... "At last!"

Then in 2020 coronavirus happened; frightening and life changing for many. Our communities responded and just did the right thing, rallying together to support the people who needed it, some of those not previously seen as the most vulnerable but suddenly shielding, or with no income, or confined and isolated in a small space, cut off from normal support networks. This is the Offer brought to life. Led by you.




Perth and Kinross Council

Discover Blairgowrie

View how this proactive community stepped up to support each other during lockdown, coordinating their approach to provide what was needed as smoothly as possible, inspiring a network of volunteers while working with existing groups and encouraging those who needed support to use these services. Building relationships and new friendships early in the pandemic meant that people felt able to access the support they needed, whether it was food hubs, pharmacy deliveries or wellbeing support. There were also lots of opportunities for safe social connections, mental health workshops, spiritual care and small touches like random acts of kindness and rainbow pictures from local children slipped into newspapers.

Giraffe Trading

"We are creating and sending meals for free to communities in need. The meals are essentially 'Wiltshire Farm Food' style - a complete wee homemade meal in a tub - like mince and tatties, macaroni cheese, bean chili etc.
We are primarily providing to groups and families in and around Perth City. We are currently supplying around 200 meals a week, but have the potential to do more. The food is cooked using providers such as Fareshare, as well as donations and our own stock."

Give or take boxes

The 'Give or Take' boxes are situated in the Muirton area of Perth with one in Tulloch and 2 in North Muirton. Two are on Balhousie St, 2 on Gowan's Terrace, three on Dunkeld Road, one at Tulloch and North Muirton Co-Op and one at the Riverside Church. The ethos is to give what you can, take what you need by way of store cupboard foods, tins and packets. On our Facebook page there are suggested recipes from the Beardy Cook based around what you'd find in a 'Give or Take' box. As well as donations from the community, boxes are topped up with donations from Tesco South Street, Asda, the Christian Outreach Centre, Foodshare and the Co-Op stores.

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