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Councillors to decide on five key capital projects

Capital projects including the Cross Tay Link Road will be decided by Perth & Kinross councillors next week.

The Cross Tay Link Road is one of five capital projects at a critical stage that will be discussed at a full meeting of Perth & Kinross Council on 30 September.

The cost of this £118 million project, which is central to the Council's local development plan, will be met in part by £40 million of Scottish Government funding and, over time, around £17 million in developer contributions.

The road will enable nearly £1 billion in private sector investment in the area and create space for more than 12,000 new homes, a quarter of which will be lower cost, affordable housing. This will ultimately lead to more than £10 million in additional Council Tax revenues each year.

Elected members and community councillors have been given updates on the CTLR project on 24 September ahead of next week's meeting, including a video presentation about the potential of the CTLR to transform Perth and Kinross.

Other transformative projects including the redevelopment of Perth City Hall and replacements for Perth High School, North Muirton/Balhousie Primary School and Blairgowrie Recreation Centre will also be decided on next week.

Each project represents a significant investment that will lead to the creation of new jobs as well as providing greatly improved facilities for Perth and Kinross residents.

Councillors will also hear about the current cost of Coronavirus to Perth & Kinross Council when they meet next week.

The Revenue Budget Update estimates the total financial impact to the Council will be between £22.4 million and £26.8 million once increased costs and lost revenue are taken into account.

The report states the Council is considering a range of measures to meet this evolving challenge, where, as recent announcements from the UK and Scottish Governments have shown, there are still considerable uncertainties about the months ahead.

A partnership Economic Wellbeing Plan is also being prepared as part of the recovery looking at short, medium and long-term responses to the pandemic.

Perth & Kinross Council leader Councillor Murray Lyle said: "As the revenue budget shows, the Coronavirus pandemic presents an immediate challenge to Perth & Kinross Council, as it does to all local authorities.

"In Perth and Kinross we have seen a significant rise in unemployment and it is likely we will face greater welfare costs in years to come.

"The Council will be proactive and innovative in its response but it also means investing in our future is more important than ever. If we want a better tomorrow, we must plan for it.

"These five exciting capital projects are not just key to our continued economic growth and sustainability, they will bring lasting benefits for all our residents.

 "Standing still is not an option and the CTLR is pivotal to our ambitions for the future of Perth and Kinross so it continues to be a place where people want to live, work and invest for years to come.

 "It will deliver an enormous economic boost to the area in terms of new housing, and subsequent Council Tax receipts, and new employment."

More information about the CTLR, including how the completed road will look, can be found at Perth Transport Futures.