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Support for Recovery Week

Perth & Kinross Council's Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP), which works to prevent the harms associated with substance use and to support recovery, is asking people to help raise awareness of the upcoming annual Recovery Week, which begins on 28 September.

We are asking people to take part in the planned, physical distanced, Recovery Walk by walking and posting a one-minute video to or uploading to Twitter along with the hashtags #lifejourney,and #walkthroughmyrecovery, or to share their stories alongside #breakthestigma, #Recovery and #CompassionateCommunities.

There will also be a physically distanced open event held at the Neuk on Tuesday 29 and  we ask that those of you with stories of recovery to tell reach out to The Lighthouse for Perth, who will talk with you about sharing your experience of recovery.

Councillor Eric Drysdale, Chair of the Perth & Kinross Integration Joint Board (IJB), said: "Recovery Week is about looking to the future and saying people can and do recover. Individuals and families have the right to a life free from the harms of drugs and alcohol. They deserve to be treated with dignity and to be supported within their communities to find their own type of recovery."

The ADP believes that the personal stories of those who have and are on the road to recovery must be shared, promoted and appreciated, and Recovery Week provides an excellent platform from which to promote and achieve this.

By promoting these stories and showcasing the support services available throughout Perth and Kinross, we can remind people that there is a path to recovery.

IJB Vice Chair Bob Benson said: "Recovery is a long and personal journey where, through their own resilience, individuals reach a point from where they can begin to recover.

"This journey has many challenges and can rarely be completed alone. People recover when they have the support they need from their friends and families, with supportive work done by many voluntary groups and organisations operating throughout our community. Aided by our multi-agency 'whole system' support all underpinned by our vital public services in local authorities, health and social care and the NHS."

Together, we can help banish the stigma that remains around discussions of recovery and highlight the resolve, resilience and compassion of those who recover and those who assist them on their journey.

While COVID-19 has disrupted plans for in-person events throughout Recovery Week, people are still invited to get involved in the prosses of recovery and help direct those who may be in need of support towards to the organisations and groups that are here to offer help and assistance.

If you or someone you care about would like to hear more about the support, advice and guidance that is available, please reach out to one of our Recovery Week Partners:

  • The Neuk - a one stop crisis hub which captures local knowledge and experience from organisations and works in partnership to provide a compassionate response to crisis and distress. Available at 01738 718 070
  • Andy's Man Club (Perth) - a nationwide peer-to-peer support group that offers a safe space for men aged 18+. Meetings are held weekly, and men can discuss their issues in a healthy environment. To reach please visit the website or call 07825 873 447
  • The Lighthouse for Perth - a listening, safe space, and signposting service for those who are dealing with thoughts of self harm, suicide and mental health crisis.  Call 0800 121 4820 or visit the website.
  • Women's Wellbeing - a peer to peer support group run for women by volunteers.

These groups are anonymous and free to join. Please remember, you are always welcome to attend and there is a network of support for you when you need it.

Additional contact details:

  • Drug & Alcohol Team, SMS Drumhar HC - 01738 564 261 for existing service users and professionals and for all new referrals either 07920 070 845 or 07920 071 797
  • Change is a Must (Parental misuse) - 01738 472 296
  • Cruse Bereavement - 0845 600 2227
  • Youth Services (Scott Street) - 01738 474 580