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To Absent Friends. Remembrance in our Community

Perth & Kinross Council and Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership are supporting a number of community remembrance events taking place across the area from 1-7 November as part of the annual 'To Absent Friends' festival. This Scotland-wide festival is an opportunity for people to tell their stories and come together to remember, celebrate and reminisce about those love ones who have passed away.

While COVID-19 has affected the events scheduled for this year, a number of digital and physically distanced events have been arranged.

Get involved

We are encouraging people to get involved by following the @ToAbsentFriends Twitter feed with the hashtag #ToAbsentFriends. People are also invited to see the @Truacanta Twitter page, where they are encouraged to post images of their acts of remembrance alongside pictures and written memories of loved ones.

Remembrance walking trail

We are also inviting people to take part in a Remembrance Walking Trail. As part of this event, scannable QR codes are being placed at various points in Perth and Kinross and when scanned, these will connect people with a forum where they can download poetry readings, quotes and personal stories.

Here, people will also be able to upload images and stories of their own remembrance. The Truacanta Selfie Wings will be featured in the Perth City section of the Remembrance Walk and images and video from here, along with contributions from other local communities, will be collected and made into a short video for people to share on social media.

Perth Bridge lighting

Additionally, to show our support and to help raise awareness of this upcoming event, Perth Bridge will be lit up in orange on the evening of Sunday 1 November.

Chief Executive of Perth & Kinross Council, Karen Reid commented:

"We know that discussions on grief and loss can be a difficult one to have, even with those we are closest with. Everyone has lost someone dear to them, and everyone understands the feeling of loss and heartbreak that comes from missing a loved one. Now, more than ever, we need people to have these conversations and offer hope and comfort to those around them who may be struggling to cope."

It is our hope that by supporting this occasion for collective remembrance we can remove the stigma attached to expressions of grief and help shape a more understanding and open dialog surrounding feelings of loss, mental health and wellbeing.

If you would like to take part in one of the events mentioned above or see what else may be happening please visit the To Absent Friends' homepage at /