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Reminder to landowners about PKC's Fly-tipping Fund

Landowners and community groups are reminded of PKC's Fly-tipping Fund, which continues to welcome applications ahead of the Fund closing on 14 December. The Fund helps empower people affected by fly-tipping on private land; offering funding to clear the fly-tipped waste and/or introduce preventative actions such as gates and fences, cameras, signage or a community campaign to deter fly-tipping.

Since the Fund launched in June 2020, funding has been awarded to farmers to enable them to introduce gates at the entrances of their land (which deter trespassers who might fly-tip) and for the purchase of a motion sensor camera to hopefully capture fly-tippers in action. Funding has also been awarded for the removal and safe disposal of fly-tipped asbestos at a Perthshire Nature Reserve. PKC is allocating some of the Fly-tipping Funding, as a legacy, to a PKC-wide CCTV Project. The CCTV camera will be used to target known fly-tipping locations and landowners should continue to report hotspots so that Safer Communities staff can assess them for suitability to deploy the camera.

A Council spokesperson encourages, "Fly-tipping is an illegal activity which harms wildlife and blights our beautiful countryside and towns. If you are out on a walk this autumn, or are out driving, and spot some fly-tipped waste, think of this Fund. If you wish to assist in getting any fly-tipping cleared, and at the same time perhaps be able to put in place measures to prevent future further incidents in the same location, please get in touch."

To apply to the Fly-tipping Fund before 14 December, please visit the Fly-tipping Fund webpage or email the Waste Services Team.