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Residents asked to report illegal vaping products

Perth & Kinross Council's Trading Standards team are advising residents about the dangers from illegal vaping products - and asking them to report any information they may have about sales of these items locally.

Across the UK recently there has been a rise in reports of these products being found on sale. They are commonly referred to as 'disposable vapes', 'nicotine puffs', 'Elf Bars' and 'Geek Bars'. The vapes are brightly coloured and can look like a highlighter pen. The price, design, and the many flavours  on offer, combined with widespread publicity on social media, make them particularly attractive to young people. 

While these products may sound at first glance relatively harmless, some of them have been found to contain an excessive amount of nicotine, which in continual consumption is harmful.  Media reports have also highlighted adverse reactions that young people have experienced upon using these products. Moreover, it is illegal for them to be sold to anyone under 18, or to someone over 18 on behalf of someone who is underage. 

The Trading Standards team would like to further understand the presence of illegal vapes in Perth and Kinross, and in particular where they are coming from and who may be selling them. Anyone with information on such products, including photographs, can email details to