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Adult learning hub - Short courses - Maths

This free short course provides an opportunity for you to develop math knowledge and skills and how to use them effectively.  There are 6 modules available and you can choose which to study.


  1. Probability and statistics - activities including exploring basic probability, understand ways of working that involve sets of combinations, reasoning and making predictions.
  2. Money - develop understanding within a range of different money-related contexts.
  3. Number - gain essential number skills such as; using ratio and proportion to calculate cost; adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions and basic percentage calculations.
  4. Geometry and measure - use practical skills to understand area, volume and estimating.
  5. Algebra - learn how to use and write formulae and equations. Develop knowledge of algebraic manipulation, reasoning and spotting patterns.
  6. Mathematical discovery - Cement understanding of mathematics and how to use it to solve problems. 


Classes will be held online and face to face.


Classes will usually be on a set day every week, but the frequency and time can be adjusted to your needs and circumstances.


You will be allocated a staff member who will support you through the course either individually or in a small group. Examples of tasks might include:

  • Gather data and use graphs to display the data clearly. Make predictions from what you have discovered. 
  • Learn how to replace numbers with letters to create formulas and how these formulas can be used to work out problems.
Last modified on 17 June 2022

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