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Wildfire warning as heatwave continues

Visitors to Perth and Kinross have been warned not to build fires or use disposable barbecues during the current heatwave.

Last weekend, the Council's visitor rangers had to call Scottish Fire and Rescue after a disposable barbecue sparked a fire on the shore at Loch Rannoch.

A significant area of land was damaged in the blaze.

Fire crews in the Highlands have been called out to tackle several wildfires already this summer and with the hot summer set to continue, campers and day-trippers have been urged to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and refrain for setting campfires or using barbecues while the fire risk remains high.

Firefighters and police officers will join Perth and Kinross Council Rangers and parking attendants on a tour of popular camping spots near Clunie Loch on Friday 16 June to remind them of the risks of fires.

Councillor Andrew Parrott, convener of Perth and Kinross Council's Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee said: "Everyone is enjoying the hot weather and it is no surprise people want to take advantage of that and head out to the many beauty spots around Perth and Kinross.

"But we would advise people not to build fires of any sort - the sustained dry spell means grass and vegetation is very dry and all it takes is a stray spark for it to catch alight.

"We know most people want to enjoy the countryside responsibly and will heed the warnings about fire risk."

Scottish Fire and Rescue has issued its fourth fire warning in the space of just three weeks.

They are asking people not to light fires, use disposable barbecues or throw cigarettes away carelessly in areas where this vegetation.

Bailie Mike Williamson, depute convener of the Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee, and a councillor for the Highland ward, said: "As we've seen already this year, fires can spread incredibly quickly.

"They can have devastating consequences and divert resources away from other emergencies.

"Most wildfires are preventable so people can help reduce the risk by following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and taking extra care while the warm weather continues.

"I would like to remind people who are planning to visit Highland Perthshire that Scottish Fire and Rescue have been issuing updated fire alerts and that they should familiarise themselves with those alerts not to light fires or have a barbecue."

Last modified on 16 June 2023

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