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Tay Forest National Park - The benefits of being a national park

In recent years we have seen an increase in visitors to our rural areas as more people chose to holiday at home; and with that we have seen increased pressures to not only our own services but also on partner organisations.

Pitlochry cafe

Being designated as a national park would allow the formation of a National Park Authority who would have a remit to focus on how best to actively manage tourism in the area to ensure it is sustainable and to the benefit of the local economy and the natural environment.

National parks are allocated additional funding from the Scottish Government; this funding would be used to help the parks achieve our goals ensuring the natural heritage of the area is able to continue to flourish and work in parallel with offering an increased focus on visitor management to support the local economy.

Being a national park will allow us, under the leadership and direction of a national park authority, to put in place a far more robust, focused and dedicated approach to how recreational user and visitors to the area are able to access some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes Scotland has to offer.

We would be able to work alongside our partner organisations in a new way to further all of our shared responsibilities to protect the landscape, watercourses and wildlife that are within our borders.

Last modified on 05 February 2024

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