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Strategy, People and Resources Directorate

Strategy, People & Resources provides a wide range of services to enable the Council to deliver on our Corporate Plan 2022/23 to 2027/28 vision and priorities. 

Director - Clare Mailer

Clare has organisational leadership responsibility for a team of Strategic Leads, and also leads on local resilience planning.

Finance and Business Support

Strategic Lead and Chief Financial Officer/Section 95 Officer - Scott Walker

Responsible for:

  • strategic financial management
  • capital investment
  • financial administration
  • business administration


Legal and Governance

Strategic Lead and Monitoring Officer - Lisa Simpson

Responsible for:

  • legal services
  • licensing
  • information governance
  • internal audit
  • committee/democratic services
  • corporate procurement


Customer and Digital Services

Strategic Lead - Alan Taylor

Responsible for:

  • customer services
  • online, digital and mobile services
  • digital skills
  • ICT asset management
  • housing repairs helpdesk
  • registration services


Property Services

Strategic Lead - Stephen Crawford

Responsible for:

  • maintenance, compliance and energy in corporate buildings
  • project management, design and procurement
  • housing capital projects and new build
  • facilities management


Strategic Planning, People and Performance

Strategic Lead - Greg Boland

Responsible for:

  • anti-poverty strategy and policies
  • equalities
  • strategic planning and performance
  • community planning
  • locality planning
  • community empowerment/ engagement
  • business continuity and resilience planning
  • internal people and culture
  • payroll
  • health and safety
  • risk
  • media and communications
  • research and consultation
  • transformation and change
  • business improvement

Lead/Co-Lead for Corporate Priority:


Projects and Programmes

Strategic Lead - Charlene Guild

Working across the organisation to lead on a range of change and service improvement initiatives.


Last modified on 14 June 2024

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