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Perth burgh burial registers, 1794-1855

The Archive holds all the burial registers for Perth burgh and the Friends have transcribed the earliest volumes

In the database you'll find records containing details from the burial registers. These can include full name, age, dates of death and burial, cause of death, names of kin, occupation and details of the burial. The information varies from register to register, so not all details will appear in all the records.

You can simply browse the database by using the page buttons below or you can search by name and/or date:

  • Type in a surname and/or forename and/or date and click search.
  • Tick the alternative names box to bring up variant spellings of the name you're searching for.
  • If your search is successful, a hit list will appear and you can click the blue record number to find the details that were recorded in the register itself.
  • From the record you can return to your hit list by clicking back to summary page.
  • To make a fresh search, click the reset button.

Names with question marks denote the best we can make out from illegible names in the register itself.

Please note: The Archive only holds the original burial records for Perth burgh, 1794-1977 (PE1/20), some for Kinnoull, 1880-1901 (PE1/20/28), and for Kirkton of Mailer burial ground, 1850-1975 (MS52). All other burial records, the majority dating from 1900, are held by Bereavement Services.

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Record No Full Name Burial Date Cemetery

76 John FINDLAY 30 April 1847 Greyfriars
77 Robert McGREGOR 30 April 1847 Greyfriars
78 Peter SMITH 01 May 1847 Greyfriars
79 Elizabeth SMITH 01 May 1847 Greyfriars
80 Michael McLAGAN 30 April 1847 Greyfriars
81 Peter McARTER 30 April 1847 Greyfriars
82 Thomas STANFORD 30 April 1847 Greyfriars
83 Christian MILLER 01 May 1847 Greyfriars
84 William DUTCH 01 May 1847 Greyfriars
85 John MEARNS 01 May 1847 Greyfriars
86 Cathrine STEWART 02 May 1847 Greyfriars
87 Thomas MUNN 14 December 1844 Greyfriars
88 Jean REID 15 December 1844 Greyfriars
89 n/k ADAMS 15 December 1844 Greyfriars
90 Robert McEWAN 18 December 1844 Greyfriars