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Strategic Policy and Resources Committee - 12 June 2013

A Meeting of the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee will be held in the Council Chambers, Council Building, Fourth Floor, 2 High Street, Perth on Wednesday 12 June 2013 at 10.00am.

Those attending the meeting are requested to ensure that all mobile phones and other communication devices are switched off.


Councillors I Miller (Convener), A Grant (Vice Convener), B Band, P Barrett, D Cuthbert, D Doogan, (Provost) L Grant (ex-officio), J Kellas, A Livingstone, A MacLellan, D Pover, M Roberts, A Stewart, B Vaughan, W Wilson, A Younger


1.    Declarations of Interest

2.    Minutes

        (i)    Minute of meeting of the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee of 17 April 2013 (copy herewith) (Pages 1-4)

        (ii)    Minute of meeting of the Property Sub-Committee of Strategic Policy and Resources Committee of 6 March 2013 for noting (copy herewith) (Pages 5-6)

        (iii)    Appeals Sub-Committee of 6 March 2013 (copy herewith) (Pages 7-8)

3.    icon Chief Executive's Service Business Management and Improvement Plan 2013/14 and Annual Performance Report 2012/13 [771Kb] - Report by Chief Executive (copy herewith 13/286) (Pages 9-54)

        Note:  Please note that this report will also be submitted to the Scrutiny Committee on 12 June 2013.

4.    icon Authority to Write Off Debts and Obsolete Stock [439Kb] - Report by Head of Finance (copy herewith 13/287) (Pages 55-70)

5.    icon Major Capital Investment in Councils - Accounts Commission Report March 2013 [2Mb] - Joint Report by Depute Director (Environment) and Head of Finance (copy herewith 13/288) (Pages 71-126)

6.    icon Managing Early Departures from the Scottish Public Sector - Accounts Commission Report May 2013 [794Kb] - Report by David Burke, Depute Chief Executive (copy herewith 13/289) (Pages 127-168)

7.    icon Welfare Reform Update Report - Audit Scotland Report May 2013 [836Kb] - Report by Executive Director (Housing and Community Care) (copy herewith 13/290) (Pages 169-190)