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Aberfeldy Common Good Fund - 7 May 2014

A Meeting of the Aberfeldy Common Good Fund Committee will be held in the Council Chambers, Fourth Floor, Council Building, 2 High Street, Perth on Wednesday 7 May 2014 in accordance with the undernoted timetable.

Common Good Fund Committee

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Councillor M Williamson (Convener), I Campbell, K Howie, I Miller and A Grant


1.     Welcome and Apologies

2.     Declarations of Interest

3.     Minute of Meeting of 26 February 2014 for approval and signature

4.     icon Events on Common Good Land [491Kb] - Report by Depute Director (Environment) (copy herewith 14/176) (Pages 3-8)

5.     icon Application for Financial Assistance [496Kb] - Report by Depute Director (Environment) (copy herewith 14/180) (Pages 9-14)

6.     icon 2013/14 & 2014/15 Financial Statements and 2014/15 Budget [997Kb] - Joint Report by Head of Finance and Executive Director (Environment) (copy herewith 14/181) (Pages 15-26)