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Strategic Policy and Resources Committee - 11 June 2014

A meeting of the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee will be held in the Council Chambers, Council Building, Fourth Floor, 2 High Street, Perth on Wednesday 11 June 2014 at 10.00am.


Councillors I Miller (Convener), A Grant (Vice Convener), B Band, P Barrett, I Campbell, D Cuthbert, D Doogan, Provost L Grant (ex-officio), J Kellas, A MacLellan, D Pover, M Roberts, A Stewart, B Vaughan, W Wilson and A Younger.


1.       Welcome and Apologies/Substitutes

2.       Declarations of Interest

3.       Minutes

          (i)      Minute of meeting of the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee of 23 April 2014 for signature

          (ii)     Minute of meeting of the Property Sub-Committee of 8 January 2014 for noting

          (iii)    Minute of meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee of 27 February 2014 for noting

          (iv)    Minute of meeting of the Appeal Sub-Committee of 9 May 2014

4.      icon Chief Executive's Service Business Management and Improvement Plan 2014/15 and Annual Performance Report 2013/14 [369Kb] - Report by Chief Executive (copy herewith 14/254) (Pages (15-46)

          Note: This report will also be submitted to the meeting of the Scrutiny Committee of 11 June 2014.

5.      Composite Capital Programme - 2014/15 to 2020/21 - Proposed Virements

          Following financial close on the contract for the upgrade of Crieff Primary School the projected cost of the scheme has been agreed at £11,800,000, including land purchase. This is a saving of £2,200,000 against the approved budget.

          The provision of new curriculum and community sports facilities at Perth High School had originally been estimated to cost £2,700,000, including a £500,000 contribution from sportScotland.  However, in order to provide these school and community facilities and to meet the requirements of the curriculum, the total cost of the project has now been estimated at £3,950,000.

          The Strategic Policy and Resources Committee is asked to approve:-

          (i)       that the budget for the sports facilities as Perth High School is augmented by virements of:

                     •      £1,200,000 from the saving identified at Crieff Primary School, and;
                     •      £50,000 from the Modernising Secondary Schools Programme budget.

          (ii)      that £1,000,000 from Crieff Primary School be utilised to meet anticipated future inflationary pressures on the new Secondary School for Perth City (Report No. 14/193 refers)

6.       icon Employer Supported Volunteering Policy [1Mb] - Report by Corporate Human Resources Manager (copy herewith 14/255) (Pages 47-62)

7.       icon Authority to Write off Debts and Obsolete Stock [248Kb] - Report by Head of Finance (copy herewith 14/256) (Pages 63-76)

8.       icon Audit Scotland Options Appraisal Report [10Mb] - Report by Depute Director (Environment) (copy herewith 14/257) (Pages 77-124)

9.       icon Audit Scotland Overview of Local Government in Scotland 2014 [9Mb] - Report by Chief Executive (copy herewith 14/258) (Pages 125-178)

10.     icon Review of Free Standing Walls and School Structures [212Kb] - Report by Head of Property Services (copy herewith 14/259) (Pages 179-194)