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Recycle for Bertha Park to Reduce Climate Change

In the Perth & Kinross Net Zero Interim Climate Emergency Report and Action Plan (December 2019), the Waste Services Team pledged to look to use the new development at Bertha Park as a best practice case study for householders reducing waste

This pledge involves more extensive mini-recycling points within walking distance of homes, and the delivery of campaigns to increase awareness of the importance of diverting batteries, light bulbs, glass bottles and jars plus textiles and shoes from landfill. There will also be extensive promotion of food waste reduction in this community, ahead of the national target for 33% reduction in food waste by 2025.  

Waste Minimisation and Sustainable Waste Management are essential in fighting climate change. The Waste Services Team wants to make it as easy as possible to recycle because recycling needs to fit in with our busy lifestyles. The first step is to ensure that everyone knows what can be recycled, where it can be recycled and why it is important to divert the items from landfill.  

The Campaign 

Knowing where to recycle

The Adamson Avenue Recycling Point in the Bertha Park High School car park has been extended so shoes and textiles in any condition can be easily dropped off for recycling. Textiles are one of the top three most carbon intensive household waste materials. 

We've also installed new signage so the Recycling Point is easy to spot.  

Knowing what to recycle and why it will help to reduce climate change

A icon Recycle for Bertha Park leaflet [12Mb] has been developed to explain the value of the resources inside unwanted items such as small and large electrical and electronic equipment, light bulbs, batteries, glass bottles and jars, and shoes and textiles in any condition. The reuse and recycling of these resources is a key way for individual households to reduce their impact on climate change. In March 2021, this leaflet and the icon New Household Waste & Recycling Service Guide [1Mb]  are being posted to all of the households living in Bertha Park.  

WEEE Term at Bertha Park 

From Friday 22nd October 2021 to Friday 21st January 2022, Bertha Park High School is hosting a WEEE Term.  Householders across Bertha Park and he school pupils are all encouraged to take part by recycling their old, unwanted or broken small electrical items (anything powered by a plug or a battery) in the pink and grey WEEE Bins at Bertha Park High School.  There are valuable resources inside small electrical items.  These can be diverted from landfill so that the components can be recovered for remanufacturing, which helps reduce climate change.  

Examples of small electrical items are kettles, timers, electronic scales, toasters, telephones, hair-straighteners, leads, chargers, speakers, remote controls, children's electrical toys, radios, lamps, sat-navs, IT equipment, DIY tools, powered garden tools, gadgets.

Where it is safe to do so, please remove the batteries from the small electrical items.  Batteries can be dropped off for recycling at Bertha Park High School (in the battery recycling caddy), at Council Recycling Centres, at Perth and Kinross libraries or at any shops, DIY stores and supermarkets which sell them. 

Householders with small electrical items or loose household batteries can call in at the school's Reception to drop the items off.  

Pupils are encouraged to view the WEEE Recycling messages on the school's display screens, and make use of the battery recycling boxes that are being given to each pupil and teacher, to take home, at the beginning of the school term.  

Next steps 

This is part of a long-term campaign in this community. This webpage is updated regularly as the campaign progresses.  

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