Find out changes to our services and advice in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus: Community support

As lockdown restrictions are changed by the Scottish Government, we will continue to update this page with information and advice for communities. The Scottish Government website releases regular updates, and this is reflected on our main Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage. 

If you have a specific question to ask, please email our contact team at or phone 0345 30 111 00.

Helping in your community

The Council is maintaining a database of volunteers, in order to provide help and support to those in need across Perth and Kinross. Please complete our volunteer form to register to help. The Council is also helping to coordinate the Mass Vaccination Programme and may need volunteers to help in future. If you would be willing to help with this, please also click the link and complete the form.

Register to volunteer

Our icon Volunteer Guide [187Kb] gives some practical advice on how to support people in your community at this difficult time, whilst also keeping yourself safe. In addition, Communities Channel Scotland have put together a resource pack with practical advice.

If you are able, you can be a great source of support and relief to other members of your community by looking out for them and for each other to help contain the spread of the virus and support those in need of some help.

You can take some simple steps yourself, by:

  • checking up on neighbours;
  • offering to help with dropping off food and other essentials; and
  • providing a friendly ear and emotional support to those who are self-isolating, or do not have a network of family or friends close by.

We have put together a very simple form for icon Self-isolating Support [572Kb] which you can put through letterboxes, or hand to people if you feel you can help them.

Self-Isolating Support

People on a low income, who are self-isolating can seek support through Self Isolation Support Grants.

Test and Protect

Test and Protect is the system the Scottish Government is using to suppress the transmission of COVID-19. For more information see Test and Protect information.

Contact details

Community Support

2 High Street, Perth, PH1 5PH
Tel 0345 30 111 00