Find out changes to our services and advice in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus: Council tenants

Updated 13/09/2021

Out Housing Repairs service is focussing on emergency repairs work and catching up with the backlog of repairs caused by lockdown periods. 

Emergency work includes:

• Blocked toilets where the premises contain only one toilet
• Blocked or leaking drains (not blocked sinks)
• Serious storm or accident damage
• Serious electrical faults, such as overheating of sockets or switches
• Regaining entry where a tenant is accidentally locked out (there is likely to be a charge for this).

We will also continue with gas safety checks to keep tenants and communities safe.

If you require an emergency or urgent repair call 01738 476000.

The necessary focus on emergency and urgent repairs during periods of lockdown meant were not able to carry out non-urgent routine repairs on homes. A backlog of these repairs has built up, and it will take us a number of months to complete these jobs.

To help us clear this backlog, all non-urgent/routine repairs should be reported to us online using MyPKC. Please do not call us to report these repairs.

If you have already reported a non-urgent repair please do not call us to chase it up. We will have it on file and will get around to your job as soon as we can.

Thank you for your continued understanding and co-operation during this difficult time.

Repairs work may involve you allowing our Trades Staff into your homes. We know that many of you may be concerned about letting someone into your home at this time, and so we have created some guidelines to reassure you about what we will do to keep you, your family and our staff safe.

Contacting your Locality Housing Office

All of our Locality Housing Offices remain closed in line with Scottish Government working from home guidance, but staff are still available to provide you with assistance. If you have an enquiry please call 01738 476000 (option 2) to speak to a member of your Locality Housing Team.

Applying for housing

We are still providing a full range of housing options and homelessness services, but we are not currently able to offer face-to-face housing options interviews or advice as our offices remain closed in line with Scottish Government guidance. Also, the Housing Options Self-Assessment service is temporarily unavailable as we are building a new and improved system which will provide an option to apply for housing online.

Our information on how to apply for housing has recently been updated.

Paying your rent

We offer a number of ways to pay your rent from your own home, including online and via a smartphone app. You can also use PayPoint if your local shop offers this service. Visit the paying your rent webpage for more information. You can also visit the Feeling the Pinch? web pages to find out about the wide range of financial support and help available in Perth and Kinross.

If you are paying your rent online please remember to enter the 16-digit payment number at the bottom of your rent card, not the number in the middle of the card.

Rent Arrears

We recognise that many of our tenants are facing significant financial challenges at the present time. Please be reassured that we are here to help and support you through this in any way we can. If you think you may struggle to pay your rent, or if you have built up any arrears, please get in touch with us. If you are engaging with us to reduce your arrears your home will never be at risk.

We can provide assistance such as helping you to maximise your income and make referrals to agencies who can support you with the daily living costs including food provision. As your landlord we take our responsibilities to support you both financially, and in terms of your health and well-being, seriously.

Our highly trained staff will work with you to look at and agree a solution to help support you during this difficult time. You may even be entitled to some financial support to help pay your rent through our Tenancy Sustainment Fund. Please don't ignore any rent arrears - contact us as soon as possible so we can help you and prevent you getting into debt.

Please contact your Locality Housing staff on 01738 476000 (option 2)

To find out more about the range of financial support available in Perth and Kinross you can visit our Feeling The Pinch webpages

Homeless Services

Perth & Kinross Council's homeless services continue to run. If you are homeless or think you may become homeless in the next 2 months you should contact the Housing Options and Support Team on 0800 917 0708 or email Calls may take slightly longer than usual to answer at this time. Your Locality Housing Team can also provide advice.

Telephone welfare checks

Our Housing Staff have been carrying out welfare checks with vulnerable tenants to make sure they have the support and help they need during this difficult time. We are keeping in touch with tenants who we know have vulnerabilities to ensure they're safe and healthy. We'll help to put support in place for people where it's required.

If you feel that you need an urgent chat about the welfare of you or your family please call us on 01738 476000 (option 2).

Gas safety checks

Perth & Kinross Council is continuing gas servicing visits in tenants' homes at the current time, in line with national industry guidance.  

Gas servicing is a statutory requirement for local authorities and is vitally important for the safety of our tenants.We would encourage tenants to allow staff access to homes to carry out these checks.

Our contractor Saltire is following robust protocols when attending homes. For the safety of tenants and their staff NHS screening questions are being asked 24 hours before a visit, and again from a 2- metre distance immediately before entering a property

Staff have also been issued with Protective Personal Equipment to wear during visits.

Structures in gardens

If you're planning to build a fence, shed or outhouse at your property you should speak to us first to make sure you don't need planning permission. This especially applies if you are thinking of building a fence in a neighbourhood that has 'open-plan' gardens. You can check with your Locality Housing Team by calling 01738 476000 (option 2).

Planned maintenance and Capital Improvement works

Some of our planned maintenance projects have restarted.

Work on our programme to replace windows an doors, and upgrade central heating systems, in tenants' homes has restarted. Staff working in your homes will observe the same COVID-19 guidelines as our repairs team, and we also ask that tenants observe this guidance.

Work has also restarted on our Council house new-build programme.