Find out changes to our services and advice in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus: Bins and recycling

For the health and wellbeing of our bin crews, householders are reminded to properly contain their waste when presenting this for uplift ensuring it is bagged securely and placed in your bin.

Personal wastes (such as used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths should be stored securely in a separate rubbish bag. These bags should then be placed in another bag, tied and kept separately for 72 hours before being put in your wheelie bin. Please remember to always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after handling any waste or using your wheelie bin.

Taking these actions will help protect our staff allowing them to continue servicing bins across Perth and Kinross.

The information below details the latest waste and recycling updates, last edited 29 May.

Getting in contact

The best way to contact the Waste Team is online. Visit our MyPKC pages to view the services you can apply for or report. Alternatively, you can email us at

Our Customer Service Centre is currently taking emergency calls only. Please only contact them if you feel your enquiry is an emergency. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Kerbside Household Waste and Recycling Bin Collections (including pink sacks and assisted lifts)

There are currently no changes to service, however, from Monday 20 April we will be introducing changes to the way our bin crews complete their routes. To ensure social distancing whilst driving, our lorries will now have a driver and a loader only. A second vehicle will follow with another driver and the second loader to empty bins.

We anticipate this new way of working will take time to settle and will likely slow us down. Please present your bin by 7:30am on the morning of collection. If your bin is not emptied on the scheduled pick up day, please leave it presented at the collection point so we are able to return on another day to empty any bins we have been unable to collect.

With many of us now working from home, the additional cars parked on streets are causing some access issues for our bin lorries. We ask that you please park in a courteous location on your bin collection day. 

All waste should be contained in your bin with the lid fully closed. Do not leave excess waste at the side or on top of the bin as this will not be collected.

Householders are also reminded that personal wastes such as tissues and disposable cleaning cloths should be double bagged and left for 72 hours before being placed in their green bins.

Your bins should only be used for household items. If you have any DIY wastes that you would normally take to the Recycling Centre, these should be bagged (if possible) and stored until the centres reopen.

For more information on items you can recycle in your kerbside bin, please see our icon Household Waste and Recycling Guide [1Mb].

Accessing Friarton Recycling Centre and the Friarton Weighbridge

Please note, if you are intending on using Friarton Recycling Centre or the Friarton Weighbridge please be aware that a temporary road closure will be in place from 1 June preventing access from Edinburgh Road. The alternative route is A912 Edinburgh Road - Marshall Place - Shore Road - Friarton Road.

Recycling Centres

All Recycling Centres will be open on their usual days to accept bagged domestic general waste only from 1 June.

In the interest of public safety please consider if your journey is necessary and only bring waste that is a priority for disposal.

Please continue to store bulky items or waste generated from DIY, home clearance or garden projects, as these items will not be accepted at this time.

We anticipate there will a high volume of householders visiting our sites, therefore the following conditions will apply:

  • Access will be permitted for domestic waste only. Updates for commercial customers will follow
  • Only domestic vehicles will be allowed on site during the first phase of opening. If you arrive in a commercial vehicle (including vans and pickups) or have a trailer of any size, you will not be allowed on site
  • Householders will be permitted to make one visit per day
  • We will only be accepting bagged general waste. You will not be permitted to use any of the other skips/bells on site
  • You will be able to dispose of a MAXIMUM OF 6 BAGS per day
  • You will not be permitted to queue on the road - if you arrive at the site and there is no room to queue off-road, you must leave and return at another time
  • Site Attendants will not be permitted to assist in lifting or carrying of bags
  • Please stay in your car until you have been allocated a bay to unload your bags
  • Only one person per vehicle may exit the car to dispose of bags

If you have glass, paper, cardboard, cans or textiles, please take these to your nearest Recycling Point, or continue to store for phase 2 of opening.

If you have garden, inert or bulky goods, please continue to store for phase 2 of opening.

Normal opening hours and days apply. Please visit our Recycling Centre pages for opening hours/days.

If you are a commercial customer, please visit our trade waste news page for information on waste and recycling disposal.

If you are vulnerable or shielding and have no support to assist you in getting to a Recycling Centre, visit our Special Uplifts for Bulky Waste pages for information on kerbside Special Collections.

For further information, please check our icon Recycling Centre Reopening FAQs [127Kb].

Garden waste disposal

Following the closure of our Recycling Centres as part of our COVID-19 response, the Council has seen an increase in the number of complaints regarding householders burning garden waste.

At this time the use of garden bonfires to dispose of garden waste should be avoided. Smoke from bonfires can cause nuisance to neighbouring residents and may also adversely impact upon those with respiratory conditions. Please consider that some of your neighbours are in isolation, so opening their windows is the only opportunity to get fresh air.

Alternative methods of disposing of garden waste include: composting at home (visit our Composting at home page for more information); leaving your grass clippings on the lawn to break down; making leaf mould, or using grass clippings as a soil mulch. If the waste is not suitable for any of these treatments, and you are in a brown bin area, you can purchase a Garden Waste Permit. Visit our garden waste pages for further information.

Garden waste bonfires are detrimental to local air quality, may impact your health and that of your neighbours, along with adversely affecting neighbours with smoke and odour. If there is no alternative, the following guidance should be followed:

  • Minimise the frequency and duration of bonfires.
  • Consider the impact smoke can have on other residents.  
  • Any material which is burned should be dry.
  • Materials such as general household waste, rubber tyres, and items containing paint, foam or plastic should never be burned. 
  • Do not light bonfires on damp, still days or on windy days.

Friarton Weighbridge 

From the 1 June, the Friarton Weighbridge will re-open for Commercial customers. The weighbridge will be open 7 days a week 08:00 to 16:00. In line with current hygiene guideline, no cash payments will be accepted. All payment must be made by card only. Prices are available on our Commercial Permit pages.

The reopening of the Household Waste Recycling Centres to commercial customers will be considered as part of phase 2 and further updates provided. For the most up-to-date information please visit the commercial waste news pages.

Recycling Points

Due to servicing issues, the small waste electrical recycling banks in Auchterarder, Oakbank and Scone Park and Ride are now closed (Wednesday 6 May).

There are currently no changes to servicing of any other facilities at Recycling Points. If you find a Recycling Point bank/bin is full, please do not leave items on the ground in front, or at the side, of containers. To report a full Recycling Point, visit the Recycling Point pages.

Please consider if your trip is strictly necessary and allow additional time to maintain a social distance from other site users. Please also wash your hands before and after using the Recycling Points.

Commercial Waste and Recycling Collections

There are currently no changes to service. Please ensure bins/sacks are kerbside for 7:30am as there may be changes to usual collection times.

We appreciate that the current situation may impact on your business. If your business need has changed and you would like to reduce or postpone collections please contact the Commercial Waste Team on 01738 476476, by emailing or by using our online portal.

For news specific to commercial waste uplifts, visit our dedicated news pages.

Special uplift for bulky waste

From 1 June, we will be restarting a scaled down version of our Special Uplifts for Bulky Waste.

We anticipate there will be a high demand for this service, therefore we must prioritise those who are vulnerable or shielding and who do not have support to assist them in getting to a Recycling Centre. In addition, we will only offer special uplifts for essential items where their current storage is a risk to health and safety. These items are limited to:

  • an item posing a fire risk: stored outside in a communal entrance where it is easily combustible, or that could impede escape routes from a property during a fire.
  • bagged waste containing perishables which might attract vermin.

Booking will be open from Monday 25 May. Special uplifts can only be booked through our customer contact centre on 01738 476476. We can only accept card payments at this time.

Uplifts cost £35. We will uplift up to 5 bulky items (1 item = 3 black bags). All items must be placed at the kerbside - we cannot uplift from inside properties, sheds or garages.

For further information on the scaled down service, visit our special uplifts for bulky waste page or view our icon Special Uplift Restart FAQs [65Kb].

Bin deliveries and repair

Deliveries and repair will restart on 1 June. Due to suspension of this service in March, repairs and deliveries may take longer. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and would ask for your understanding while we work to clear our backlog.

Skip hire

Skip hire delivery and removal is now suspended for both domestic and commercial customers. This will allow staff to undertake priority collections.

Public toilets

Council operated public toilets are currently closed due to significantly reduced footfall, and prioritisation of delivering critical services.

The Council currently operates a Comfort Scheme in partnership with local businesses and organisations to allow members of the public to use their toilet facilities free of charge. We would advise the public to check directly with these locations to establish as most will not currently be open.

Contact details

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