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Crisp packet recycling

Find out where you can recycle your crisp packets locally

Empty crisp packets are being collected across the UK in an initiative headed by TerraCycle in conjunction with Walkers. The scheme, which takes any brand of crisp packet, allows the collectors to receive "TerraCycle points" for their efforts which can be redeemed as monetary donations to charities or schools.  It is recommended to gather 19 crisp packets in a pile, fold them in half and insert them into another packet so that a small 'brick' of 20 packets can be easily stored.

Where can I recycle my empty crisp packets?

  • Cleish Primary School
  • Forgandenny Primary School
  • Mackie's at Taypack Ltd
  • Stanley Primary School
  • The Royal School of Dunkeld
  • Ru'Wards, 25 Bank street, Aberfeldy
  • Pitlochry High School

Staff-only collection points

  • Perth & Kinross Council

Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance

Thank you to everyone who has collected for Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance.

To find out more about the crisp packet recycling to support Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance, visit the "crispsforhelimed79" facebook page.  

What else can I recycle?

For information on the types of materials you can recycle in your household bins, visit our kerbside collections pages.

To view information on what you can recycle at Council's "bring to" sites, visit our Recycling centres and points pages.

For more information on items not currently recycled by the Council, visit TerraCycle website.

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