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Education and Children's Services

Perth & Kinross Council promotes learning for everyone and works to keep our vulnerable residents safe and protected. Education and Children's Services are key to both of these priorities.  We do this through our Vision Values and Priorities (PDF) [916KB] .

Education & Children's Services Vision, Values and Priorities

Our Vision: Improving Lives Together

Our Vision is a statement of how we want to be seen as an organisation, within the context of the Council and the many partner organisations we work with, and gives a focus and direction for staff across the Service.

Our Values: Ambition I Compassion I Integrity

Our Values are an expression of the way we do things; they are drivers of our behaviours as an organisation and individuals, and they influence the way we work with each other and the people that we serve.

Our Priorities: Best Start I Learning and Achievement I Health and Wellbeing I Care and Equity I Safe and Protected

Our Priorities are taken from the Tayside Plan for Children, Young People and Families, which forms the high-level strategic plan across Perth and Kinross, Angus and Dundee.  They lay out the aims for the service, and what we want to deliver for the people of Perth and Kinross.

We are committed through our Vision, Values and Priorities to provide lifelong learning opportunities for all our residents, from toddlers and school children to adult learners and communities, whilst providing care and support for children and families in need.

Many more of our functions and services are listed below.

Sheena Devlin

Executive Director
Sheena Devlin

Depute Director

Head of Services for Children, Young People & Families - Hazel Robertson

Responsible for

Head of Education & Learning - Sharon Johnston

Responsible for

Head of Business & Resources - Greg Boland

Strategic Leadership for the core business and resource functions

  • Business Services
  • Planning and Transformation
  • Research and Information
  • Resource Management
  • Contracts and Facilities
  • Financial Control and Governance
Last modified on 28 September 2023

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