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Food waste equals climate change

Since 2022, Perth & Kinross Council and local communities have been working together to deliver the #FoodWasteEqualsClimateChange Campaign

The Food Waste Reduction and Recycling Campaign, called #FoodWasteEqualsClimateChange, helps householders to reduce avoidable food waste (such as plate scrapings, opened but unused ingredients and food nearing its best before date) and encourages householders to also recycle unavoidable food waste (such as fruit cores, vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags). 

Why is food waste a problem? 

Food Waste is a major contributor to climate change.  When food waste is disposed of in landfill, it generates methane - a greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change.  By wasting food, we are also wasting the resources used to grow it, farm it, package it, manufacture it and transport it to the shop and then to our homes.  Meanwhile, the average Perth and Kinross household who has a brown bin for food (and garden) waste, continues to fill one third of their green-lidded general waste bin with food waste - 66% of which is still edible and sometimes still in its packaging.    This is unsustainable environmentally, but also financially and socially as we all experience increasingly high food shopping bills.  

What is the Food Waste Reduction and Recycling Campaign about? 

In January and February 2022, Perth & Kinross Council ran a survey to gather feedback from across Perth and Kinross about householders' food waste reduction and food waste recycling habits.  During the 4 weeks, 530 people participated in the survey,  identifying food waste themed support and activities which could be delivered locally, with support from the Council, to sustainably reduce food waste and save money, or to encourage and inspire more food waste recycling.

Following the survey, a range of Mini-Projects took place in communities across Perth and Kinross - delivered with the support and on-the-ground knowledge of local volunteers and community groups.  Each Mini-Project was based on the feedback in the Survey but tailored to the host local community.  

A Review Report has summarised and assessed these various food waste projects.  A Campaign Toolkit has been created so that individual householders and community groups across Perth and Kinross can explore new ways to reduce avoidable food waste and recycle unavoidable food waste.  As part of the Perth and Kinross Offer, we are hoping that the whole community will look to find ways to reduce and recycle food waste, helping to reduce our community's impact on climate change.  

Also going forward, the Waste Services Team is developing the Food Waste Action Plan.  Together, the #FoodWasteEqualsClimateChange Campaign and the Food Waste Action Plan will shape the direction that Food Waste Reduction and Recycling messages are delivered across Perth and Kinross in the future. 

Further information

For any queries about food waste reduction or food waste recycling, please telephone the Council's Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476 or email the Waste Awareness Team.  

Last modified on 28 June 2023

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