Supplementary guidance - Forest and woodland strategy

The icon Forest and Woodland Strategy 2014 [3Mb] was adopted by us on 12 November 2014 and becomes statutory supplementary guidance to the Adopted Local Development Plan.

The Forest and Woodland Strategy seeks to address uncertainties for land managers by identifying areas where we will support proposals for woodland creation and woodland management.  It also identifies priority activities that the Council will encourage and for which funding will be available from government agencies, and those areas where there may be sensitivities or constraints to woodland or forest expansion.  Therefore, the purpose of the Perth and Kinross Forest and Woodland Strategy is to:

  • Provide a strategic framework for the development of forestry in the area
  • Provide a local interpretation of the Scottish Forestry Strategy
  • Ensure a balance of forestry with other land uses by identifying appropriate locations for a variety of types of woodland expansion and management practice
  • Ensure forestry activity contributes across the range of Council policy objectives
  • Ensure that the public benefits of managing and expanding the area's forest estate are optimised

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

As the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 requires qualifying plans and programmes developed by public bodies to be subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment, the Council has submitted the Environmental Report and its associated Appendices to the three Consultation Authorities (Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, and Historic Scotland) on 22 January 2014 for a 6 week consultation period. The documents are available to download below:

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