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Communities (formerly known as Housing & Environment) has a wide range of responsibilities. It provides housing services and services for older people and vulnerable adults. It also has a lead role in land use and transport planning, economic and sustainable development and environmental policy. It co-ordinates the Council's response in emergencies and is also the environmental conscience of the Council.

This means for example: a resident's house will have received planning permission from the service, and their refuse collected by us. If you're a Council tenant you'll also have us as your landlord, carrying out repairs and improvements to your home. Your walk to work will be along a pavement we maintain and clean while a drive to work will use a road traffic network devised and maintained by us; children will be assisted to use safe ways of walking to school by us; parks and countryside you visit are maintained by us; and the restaurant you visit will have been inspected by us.

Executive Director - Barbara Renton

Barbara Renton

Senior Service Manager Housing - Elaine Ritchie

Responsible for:

  • Council Housing
  • Housing rent collection and arrears
  • Housing Repairs and improvements
  • Homelessness
  • Policy and commissioning

Head of Environmental and Consumer Services - Mark Butterworth

Responsible for:

  • Direct Services (Operations) all front line activities which include Burials, Fleet Management,Grounds Maintenance, Kerbside Collection, Public Toilets, Street Cleansing and Waste Disposal/Recycling 
  • Regulatory Services including Environmental Health, Food Safety, Land and Water Quality, Trading Standards and Animal Welfare
  • Roads Maintenance Partnership
  • Street Lighting Partnership 
  • Structures and Flooding
  • Traffic and Network
  • Waste Services and Community Greenspace including Bereavement Services, Perth Crematorium and North Inch Golf Course
  • Corporate Health and Safety Team (interim arrangements in place)

Head of Business and Resources - Fraser Crofts

Responsible for:

  • Finance and Governance
  • Capital Programme Office
  • Civil Contingencies and Emergency Planning
  • Corporate Asset Management Team
  • Public Transport Unit
  • Parking Operations 
  • Business Support, Business Improvement and Performance

Head of Planning and Development - David Littlejohn

Responsible for:

  • Development Management
  • Building Standards
  • Planning and Housing Strategy
  • Roads Infrastructure
  • Place Development
  • Enterprise and Investment
  • Employability, Skills and Special Projects

Head of Culture & Communities Services - Fiona Robertson

Responsible for:

  • Communities Services - adult literacy, adult and community learning, community capacity building
  • Community Planning and Empowerment policy and strategy
  • Culture and Sport policy and strategy
  • Strategic commissioning of culture, sport, adult and community learning services
  • Common Good and Community Grant schemes
  • Local Asset Transfers
  • Gaelic Development
  • Perth City Cultural Transformation Programme
Last modified on 03 April 2023

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