Main Issues Report

The Main Issues Report stage of the Local Development Plan's preparation was to identify the main land-use planning issues within our area, it was approved in October 2010. The Main Issues Report (MIR):

  • Contains general proposals for development in the area and in particular where development should and should not occur
  • Shows one or more reasonable alternative sets of proposals
  • Draws attention to the ways in which the favoured and alternative proposals differ from the spatial strategy of the existing Planning in the National Parks

Where can I see the Main Issues Report?

The icon Main Issues Report [9Mb] is available to download as a PDF.

Also published alongside the Main Issues Report were:

How was the Main Issues Report prepared?

To help with the preparation of the MIR, submissions were sought through a public consultation which ended on 30 June 2009, on land-use issues and proposed sites for development as well as matters such as provision of open space and community facilities in the area. These submissions are available to view at Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD.

What happened next?

The Main Issues Report consultation ran from 8 October 2010 to 11 February 2011, during this period over 1000 individuals and organisations responded. The responses and comments that we received were logged as representations and these were taken into account in the preparation of the Proposed Local Development Plan.

The full timetable for the preparation of the Adopted Local Development Plan and information about all of the different stages is available within the Development Plan Scheme; which will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is up to date.

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