New Perspectives - New Opportunities

A Health & Social Care event entitled 'New Perspectives New Possibilities' was held on 29 May 2015 at Perth Racecourse, Scone.

The aim of the New Perspectives New opportunities day was to deliver a practical event which invigorated enthusiasm for health and social care integration from a personalisation perspective. The vision was to be person centred and to provide practical application that showed that personalisation is achievable and not just an ideal. Also to illustrate how collaboration of services under Health and Social Care Integration supports this.

The event brought together around 150 operational staff from Health, Social Care and the voluntary sector who took part in activities which challenged current thinking and practice in Perth and Kinross.

Keynote speaker Cormac Russell addressed the audience. Cormac is managing director of Nurture Development, a company which provides unrivalled thought leadership in the application of Asset Based Community Development across multiple sectors. His topic for this event was "Challenging traditional concepts and practices of professional community relationships." Cormac was an inspirational speaker whose talk is best described by a quote from one delegate; "I'll think differently about the best way to connect to communities we serve and will connect with Cormac Russell's project in Fife - he was awesome."

Cormac's talk follows, in four parts...

The second keynote speaker was Nick Thorpe. Nick is an award winning writer and journalist. He has covered stories from the Russian presidential elections to the coca wars of Bolivia. He informed the audience on "Taking Meaningful Risk: Supporting choice for Self Directed Service.  He motivated the audience about his journey of discovery, which included a trip to Easter Island in a grass boat. He emphasised the need to take risks.

Nick's talk follows, in three parts...

The day also included a play about a client's dealing with Health and Social Care by The Forum Theatre Company featuring colleagues. Delegates were then asked to watch it back and change the scenario to suit, with some very entertaining results...

Two comments fed back from the delegates at the end of the day were:  "I will think about the conversations I have in a different way to challenge the status quo." and "I will be courageous and more aware of what natural supports are already there." 

Find out more about the day in the icon event bulletin [498Kb] and find out about the icon key themes and actions [292Kb] to come out of the event.