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Public Toilet Survey - Penny4YourThoughts

Perth & Kinross Council has launched a survey, #Penny4YourThoughts, to gather feedback about the Public Toilets and Comfort Schemes across Perth and Kinross. The survey is open for 12 weeks - until Monday 18th October - and also invites people to suggest locations where toilet facilities would be welcomed.

The Council own and maintain 13 Public Toilets and has partnerships with approximately 30 businesses and public venues to provide toilet facilities for local residents and visitors to the area. 

How do I complete the survey?  

  • Please complete the online survey.  
  • This survey can also be found via the Consultation Hub.  
  • Alternatively, please telephone the Council's Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476 (before Friday 1 October 2021) to request a paper copy of the survey.  

When and where will the results be available?  

The results of the survey will be made available on this webpage by mid-December 2021.  In addition, this webpage will also feature any updates about confirmed works that might be needed at each Public Toilet, or any changes to facilities which might come about, as a result of the survey results.  

Why is the public toilet survey being undertaken?  

The majority of Perth and Kinross's toilets were introduced nearly 20 years ago.  This survey is aiming to find out whether they are still in the right locations and whether, when they require maintenance or renewal, other opportunities can be considered.  Perhaps a local community would like to take on the day-to-day management of their nearest Public Toilet, or maybe a local business could provide a Comfort Scheme in place of an existing Automated Public Convenience. 

This survey is part of a wider review of the toilet facilities and, as part of the Perth and Kinross Offer, we are hoping to work with the whole community to ensure Perth and Kinross's facilities meet everyone's needs and expectations over the next 20 years.

Modernising the way toilet facilities are provided 

One of Perth and Kinross's Comfort Schemes is the icon Boathouse Toilets [283Kb] at the Loch Leven National Nature Reserve, which was built and continue to be managed by a partnership of local Groups and the landowner. 

One of Perth and Kinross's Public Toilets is the Crieff James Square Toilet Facility - which is managed during the tourist season by Perth & Kinross Council, and over the winter months (to provide year-round provision) by the Crieff Business Improvement District