Supplementary Guidance - Renewable and Low Carbon Energy

Next steps

The Council is currently considering all responses received on the draft Guidance, Environmental Report and associated documents. Once all comments have been considered and necessary updates/modifications have been incorporated, it is intended for the next draft of the Guidance to go to Committee early 2018. Following Committee approval, the SG will then be submitted to the Scottish Ministers for consideration.

Supplementary Guidance

**Consultation on the Draft Supplementary Guidance has now closed**

The Council has prepared new draft icon Supplementary Guidance on Renewable and Low Carbon Energy [6Mb] and undertook a public consultation between 13 July and 31 August 2017. Members of the public and other interested parties were invited to comment on the draft Guidance and associated documents. We will now consider the comments received during the consultation.

The Adopted Local Development Plan (LDP), which was adopted in February 2014, contained policy ER1: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Generation. An endnote to this Policy stated that the Council would produce supplementary guidance to expand on how proposals for development can comply with the Development Plan and in particular Policy ER1. The Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Supplementary Guidance once finalised will meet the terms of Policy ER1 and be used in the assessment of future proposals for renewable and low carbon energy developments.

The Supplementary Guidance (SG) is intended to replace the existing supplementary planning guidance for wind energy development issued in 2005. It will support the delivery of a diverse range of electricity generation from renewable energy technologies.

When adopted, it will apply to all new schemes, and to extensions to and re-powering of existing schemes, although the spatial strategies will only apply to schemes over a certain size. The SG will also apply to schemes above 50MW which are determined by the Scottish Ministers where the Council is a statutory consultee.

What is the purpose of the Supplementary Guidance?

The SG supports the delivery of a range of renewable and low carbon energy technologies by guiding development to appropriate locations and providing advice on the issues that will be taken into account when specific proposals are assessed.

The document includes two elements:

  • A Spatial Framework/Strategic Capacity Mapping for wind, hydro and solar developments based on the capacity of the built and natural environment to accommodate such proposals.  Theicon Technical Paper (Appendix 7) [2Mb] to the Environmental Report (see below) contains more information on the content and methodology behind the Strategic Capacity Mapping.
  • Guidance on environmental, social and economic considerations which should be addressed when preparing renewable energy proposals.

The SG will set out a consistent approach to be applied across Perth and Kinross to assist applicants in preparing renewable and low carbon energy development proposals. Once adopted, the SG will form part of the Development Plan as statutory guidance and will be used to assess the acceptability of development proposals.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Environmental Report

As part of the SEA process, anicon Environmental Report [15Mb] has been prepared for wider public and stakeholder consultation. The consultation on the Environmental Report was undertaken at the same time as the Draft Guidance (13th July - 31st August) and has now closed. 

The Environmental Report details the Environmental Assessment of the draft Guidance, considering any likely significant environmental effects, and what mitigation measures are required, if necessary. The Environmental Assessment process has also been used to help shape the Spatial Strategies of the draft Guidance using Strategic Land Use Capacity Mapping, based on a range of environmental factors.

A copy of the Environmental Report and associated documents has been issued to the Scottish Government's SEA Gateway for consultation with the Consultation Authorities, as required under the Environmental Assessment legislation.


Consultation on the Draft Guidance and Environmental Report has now closed. We are now considering the responses received.

The Consultation took place between 13th July and 31st August 2017. We held the following public events, to allow people to view the Guidance and talk to staff:

  • 25 July 2017 Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre. 2pm - 8pm
  • 9 August 2017 Birnam Arts, Birnam. 2pm - 8pm
  • 22 August 2017 Loch Leven Community Campus, Kinross. 2pm - 8pm

The following documents were consulted on:

If there are any queries regarding the draft Guidance, Environmental Report or supporting information, please get in touch using the contact details below.

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