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Rent levels for 2020/21

A meeting of the Housing and Communities Committee on January 29th 2020 agreed to raise rent levels by 3.5% for 2020/21.

The increase, which is in line with the views of tenants, will come into effect from April 2020. It means the average weekly rent paid by tenants in Perth and Kinross will be £71.22.

This is lower than the Scottish local authority average of £72.55 and significantly lower than the average of £87.28 charged by other social housing providers in Perth and Kinross. Perth & Kinross Council rents will remain one of the lowest charged by local authorities in in Scotland.

The 3.5% increase will mean an average weekly rent increase of:

  • Bedsit - £1.66
  • 1 Bedroom - £2.26
  • 2 Bedroom - £2.43
  • 3 Bedroom - £2.72
  • 4+ bedroom - £3.11

As part of our work to involve tenants in discussions on rent setting, for the third year running each tenant was given the chance to vote on three different rent increase options. These options were based on what tenants told us their priorities are for investment during an ongoing process of extensive engagement.

A total of 1,251 tenants responded to the consultation, an increase of 16% on the previous year, with 56% saying they preferred the option of a 3.5% increase.

You can work out what your 2020/21 rent will be using this rent calculator:

Check your rent levels for 2020/2021

The increase will allow us to make new and increased investment in:

  • Ensuring the Housing Repairs service can meet increased demand
  • Increased investment in planned maintenance for homes
  • Recruiting a dedicated Housing Occupational Therapist and introducing a personalised Tenant Budget to support people in their tenancies
  • Buying-back Council homes (£4m for approximately 30 properties)
  • Refurbishing homes (£1m)
  • Achieving our target of 400 new-build homes over the next five years.
  • Supporting mobile working for Housing staff.

Tenants' rents will also pay for a planned investment programme of £69.4m million in their homes for the five year period from April 2020 to March 2025. Feedback from tenants has influenced these spending priorities, which include:

  • External fabric works - £6.7 million
  • Kitchens and bathrooms - £6.7 million
  • Rewiring/infrastructure - £3.0 million
  • Energy efficiency works - £2.2 million
  • Multi-storey flat improvements - £2.1 million
  • Fire precaution measures - £2.0 million
  • Central heating renewal - £1.3 million
  • Structural works - £1.3 million
  • Property refurbishment - £1.0 million
  • Environmental improvements - £0.7 million
  • Sound insulation - £0.5 million
  • Triple glazing - £0.3 million