New mobile working system for Repairs trades staff

All of our Repairs Service staff are now using an innovative new mobile working system that will make the service more efficient for tenants.

Every member of our trades staff now carries a mobile device that schedules their daily jobs for them automatically in the same geographical area, cutting down on their travel time and costs. It's been a popular introduction, with a lot of positive feedback from staff.

It will also allow tenants to give us instant feedback on how satisfied you are with the repairs job. When the tradesman has finished the job they'll ask if you're happy to give some feedback on the service we've provided. If you're willing to do this they'll hand you their mobile device so you can rate the service provided from 1-5 stars, and also leave a comment if you want to.

Once you submit your rating the tradesman won't be able to see what you've said. The information you provide is received at our HQ in Pullar House, Perth, straight away. If you're not satisfied (2 stars or less) we will get in touch to find out what went wrong.

This way of recording satisfaction with repairs replaces our old paper survey system, which cost more and took longer to respond to your concerns. You don't have to take part in using the new electronic system - you can request a paper copy of the repairs satisfaction survey if you still want to do it that way.

We hope you will take the time to tell us what you think using this new system, to help us bring further improvements and efficiencies to your Repairs Service.