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Service charges for 2020-21

Local Housing Authorities separate service charges from housing rents in order to ensure that charges for services, such as caretaking, are fair and transparent.

Service charges usually reflect additional services which may not be provided to every tenant, or which may be connected with communal facilities rather than directly to the occupation of a dwelling.

Our new rent restructure model which was agreed in 2016 introduced an annual rent for mainstream housing charged across 52 weeks as opposed to 48 week model. It was agreed  that a similar approach will be introduced for service charges to ensure that there is a consistency of approach.

All tenants who currently pay a service charge have been written to individually to advise them of this.

On Wednesday 29th January 2020 the Housing and Communities Committee agreed the following levels of service charges for 2020/21:

Service charges to tenants:

2019/20 annual charge

2020/21 annual charge

Garden Maintenance Scheme



Communal Energy Costs - (Market, Milne and Lickley)



Heating and Lighting at Sheltered/Retirment Housing complexes

£271.44 - £568.36

£315.12 -  £601.64

Garden maintenance

The garden maintenance scheme is currently provided to approximately 750 elderly tenants at a cost to the HRA of £123.76 per year. At the Housing and Health Committee of 27 January 2016 members agreed that the charge to recover the full cost of this service should be phased in over a 5 year period with an annual increase of £13 per year.

Energy costs

The charge to Council tenants and private owners at Market, Milne and Lickley Court for communal energy costs is adjusted each year to reflect the previous year's energy costs. The communal energy costs at Sheltered Housing Complexes have also been reviewed in line with cost.