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Skills with Bills

Skills with Bills is a positive look at budgeting aimed at tenants of Perth & Kinross Council. The course is an introduction to managing money and is designed to be fun and friendly, yet informative.

On the course, you will find out more about;

  • managing money
  • credit
  • debt
  • talking about money.

The course is usually six sessions, lasting two hours each. Generally this is delivered as two sessions a day with a lunch in-between, however this can be adapted to suit your needs. The course is free to attend and we will try to hold it in your locality if there are enough interested.

Introduction to Skills with Bills

You will explore your own situation and the emotional impact this has. You will give some thought to how your finances are causing you problems. You will look at setting realistic goals and start looking at your spending as you begin to think about managing your money better.

Managing money

You will look at your spending habits and think about ways to save. You will start to look at your emotions linked to money and those of children you may be involved with. You will also start looking at setting up a money plan, another way of saying budgeting.


Different types of credit are explored and the possible consequences of taking out credit. You will discuss the impact that credit can have on yourself and your loved ones.


The different types of debt are explored and the consequences of getting into debt. You discuss what to do and what not do when in debt.

Talking about money

Talking about money is not often easy, so you will discuss solutions to these difficult conversations with friends, family and also with financial institutions. You will be given the tools to complete your money plan.

Children and the family

You will explore where children get their messages about money from and then think about ways you can help children learn good lessons about money. You will look at the pressures your family can put on you to spend money and learn more about talking with them about money.

What people have said about this course

  • "Some of the things I learned genuinely shocked me."
  • "Being on the course actually made me stop and think about making a large, needless, impulse buy."
  • "An education."

Find out more or express an interest

Contact Skills for Bills at or on 01738 476165.