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Learning opportunityDescription
Adult literacy and numeracyPeople work on issues that are important to them and explore new ways to improve their reading, writing and number skills.
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)If English isn't your first language join a group to improve your communication.
Basic computing and tabletsFor people who want to get online to use social media, email, shopping and other things.
Family learning and other activities for familiesWe offer families an opportunity to do fun and interesting new things together.
Build individual confidence and skillsFriendly groups for people who want to learn about topics and activities that interest them, at their own pace and in a relaxed environment.
Volunteer support and developmentJoin local organisations to share your skills, meet new people and gain practical experience.
Community EventsLocal events and festivals for everyone in Perth & Kinross.

A variety of friendly groups and services for parents and carers to build positive relationships.