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Grounds Maintenance Trial 2021

To help support our statutory duty to address climate change we are undertaking some alternative maintenance trials across a number of sites in Perth and Kinross.

We will be leaving some areas with longer grass, reducing the use of weedkiller and strimming, particularly around trees.  These measures will help create habitats for wildlife, insects, and pollinators, while stopping strimming around trees will reduce the damage that can occur. 

We will be planting more native species of trees, both grown from seed or locally sourced and will continue using cuttings from our existing sites to grow-on our own shrubs, which will reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the risk of pests and diseases.  We are also trying to leave selected areas to rewild as this lets nature take its course in the most natural way.

In addition we will not be spraying or strimming around obstacles on any sites other than cemeteries, war memorials, paths which PKC maintain and high profile sites.  Hard surfaces such as whindust and tarmac will continue to be maintained.

Have your say 

We are extremely keen to hear your views as to how you think we are progressing with this, so please tell tell us through our 30-second survey.  There's also space to share your own ideas on how we can best address these important issues in our Parks and open spaces.


Long Grass Trials - List of sites 
AberfeldyVictoria park icon Victoria Park Aberfeldy [787Kb]Cease cutting/strimming around trees.
AberfeldyEntrance to Aberfeldyicon Aberfeldy Entrance [514Kb]Cut a verge margin at the edge of roadside for pedestrian's and keep the visibility splay clear for motorists.
AbernethyPowrie Parkicon Powrie Park, Abernethy [1Mb]Cease cutting/ strimming around trees as long as not causing any sight-line issues.
AlythMarket Muir Parkicon Market Muir Park, Alyth [588Kb]Leave a margin around the trees on the boundary of the site.
AlythJubilee parkicon Jubilee park Alyth [727Kb]Reduce cutting around trees and outside margins, help catch water and increase biodiversity value of the less well used areas of the Park.
CarsieBlackloch Courticon Black Loch Carsie [547Kb]Cut margins, and cease cutting/strimming round trees to increase biodiversity value.
CrieffSauchie Parkicon Sauchie Park, Crieff [880Kb]Leave outside margins and around trees, allowing full access into and around play area and kick-about area.
ErrolErrol Parkicon Errol Park [2Mb]Leave outside margins and around trees, allowing full access into and around play area and kick-about area and skate park.
GuildtownGuildtown Parkicon Guildtown Park [609Kb]Around trees, cease hand cutting and spraying for approximately 3 metres. Allow water safety margin to establish along the length of the burnside and the back of the multi court.
KinrossDavis Parkicon Davis Park Kinross [2Mb]Stop cutting around trees within Park, one side of path stop grass cutting were woodland area is at back of park.
KinrossieKinrossie Parkicon Kinrossie Park [511Kb]Cease cutting and leave an uncut margin.
LuncartyLanglands Parkicon Langlands Park, Luncarty [804Kb]Stop cutting around trees in Park.
MuthillHighlandman Parkicon Highlandman Park Muthill [902Kb]Leave outside margins and around trees to increase biodiversity value.
MuthillCoronation Parkicon Coronation Park Muthill [728Kb]Leave outside margins and around trees to increase biodiversity value. Area is historically wet and difficult to cut.
PerthGlenearn Road - beside Craigie Parkicon Glenearn Road [500Kb]Cut a margin beside pavement, leave the rest uncut, but cut path from gate of park entrance.
PerthEdinburgh Roadicon Edinburgh Road [485Kb]Area to be left uncut, apart from a margin cut alongside the pavement and a path width cut for residents to use.
PerthDarnhall Parkicon Darnhall Park Perth [1Mb]Leave bankings uncut, cut margins at top, leave trees uncut
PerthEttrick Drive, Western edgeicon Ettrick Drive, Perth [1Mb]Leave margin cut at pavement area, rest of area uncut, also keep margins clear at pathway.
PerthSeven Acres, Lethamicon Seven Acres Perth [924Kb]Stop strimming/ cutting around trees in Park, keep amenity area.
PerthSouth Inch and lesser Inchicon South Inch [2Mb]No spraying or cutting around any trees
PerthDunkeld Road at Argyll Roadicon Dunkeld Road Perth [2Mb]Cut path through area leading to properties, cut margin at pavement.
Pitcairngreen   The Greenicon The Green, Pitcairngreen [616Kb]Stop cutting around trees in Park keep amenity area.
PitlochryPitlochry Recreation Groundicon Pitllochry recreation ground [609Kb]Leave South side with Tree belt long up to the park terracing.
PitlochryBallinlochan park icon Ballinlochan Pitlochry [504Kb]Reduce cutting on open space, area is historically wet.
PitlochryTom Na Moan Parkicon Tom Na Moan Park, Pitlochry [1007Kb]Cease cutting banking's and under tree canopy's, increasing existing long grass areas of underused areas of the site.
RattrayRattray commonicon Rattray common [1Mb]Selected areas not cut, as per map.
RattrayDavie Parkicon Davie Park Blairgowrie [2Mb]Leave outside margins, around trees and establish a safety margin around the pond area.
SconeGoshen Parkicon Goshen Park [867Kb]Cease cutting/strimming around trees and extend the uncut margin running along the burn edge of the park.
SconeScone Parkicon Scone Park [2Mb]Leave margin uncut around Scone Pond.
WolfhillWolfhill Commonicon Wolfhill Common [687Kb]            Cease cutting and cut a margin and access path to the play area. Also leave margin around the edge of the kick about area.