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Adult support and protection

Perth & Kinross Council work with the NHS, Police, private and voluntary sector, to ensure adults at risk in Perth and Kinross are protected from harm.

You may find our  what is adult support and protection? (PDF) [395KB]  , are you being treated badly? (PDF) [571KB]  and  case conference (PDF) [1MB] leaflets useful sources of information.

Adults (16 years and over) may be at risk of harm due to:

  • mental illness,
  • old age,
  • frailty or physical weakness,
  • physical or learning disability,
  • visual or hearing impairment.

Harm may be physical, emotional, sexual, financial or caused by neglect.

Reporting concerns

You may see and hear things that make you worry about an adult's welfare and safety.

To report any concerns contact 0345 301 11 20 which is available 24 hours a day, or talk to a social worker, home care worker, nurse, doctor or police officer.

Incidents within the care sector

Care at home providers and Care homes must notify us within 24 hours of all incidents and accidents that affect the health, safety and welfare of service users.  Early identification and action is essential to ensure service users safety and reduce chance of re-occurrence.

Report an incident within the care sector

Reported incidents will be screened Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.  Outwith these hours or in an emergency please contact the Early Intervention and Prevention team by phoning 0345 30 111 20 however you will still be required to report the incident by completing the online form.

Further information can be found in the ASP - Everyone's business ( report.

"Tell Someone" campaign

Tell Someone is a campaign created to raise awareness about Adult Support and Protection Act 2007. Find the movies with the Tell Someone video and more information.

Financial harm

Financial harm is caused by the illegal or improper use of an individual's money or property by another person without their consent or through undue pressure.

Financial harm covers theft, fraud, pressure to hand over or sign over property or money, misuse of property or welfare benefits, stopping someone getting their money or possessions, being scammed by rogue traders, online scams, by email, telephone or by post.

Find out more at the Act Against Harm website.

'Adults need protecting too' campaign

Glasgow City Council put together a TV campaign to focus on the financial abuse of the elderly, the day to day abuse suffered by adults with learning disabilities and how long term alcohol abuse can affect a person's ability to look after themselves. The video is available online.

Seen something? Say something.

Act Against Harm and the Scottish Government have put together a video to encourage the reporting of potential risk of harm to adults. It should be no different between if you thought an adult or a child were at risk, you should do something about it. If your instinct tells you something isn't right, don't keep it to yourself. The video is available to watch online. Contact the Early Intervention and Prevention Team on 0345 30 111 20 or

Keeping Perth and Kinross Safe

We want Perth and Kinross to be the safest and best place in Scotland for children, young people, adults and families to live, work, play and visit. Everybody living, working or visiting Perth and Kinross has a right to be safe, healthy, secure, respected and included at home, at school, in the workplace and in the wider community. And we are committed to making this happen.

View our  Keeping Communities Safe (PDF) [154KB]  for details on who you can contact for help and support in being safe within Perth and Kinross.

This is also available in the following languages:

Further information

You can also visit our resource library where you can access links to the legislation, literature and partner websites.

Last modified on 21 September 2023

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