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Adult support and protection resource library

This page provides some interesting information about Adult Support and Protection. It will be continually updated with new documents and links.


Enquiries and reports

CaseSource of information
SCR into Margaret FlemingSCR into Margaret Fleming
MWC investigation into the death of ABInvestigation Into The Death Of AB
SCR P19 Angus - December 2021Angus significant case review P19
SCR Mr A - Perth & Kinross - March 2021 Mr A Learning Summary (10) March 2021 (PDF) [277KB]
Child R - East Lothian & Midlothian (2019)East Lothian and Midlothian Public Protection Committee Significant Case Review
Judy Benn - Cumbria - August 2018A Cumbria Partnership - Safeguarding Adults at Risk
Ruth Mitchell - Plymouth - August 2018Plymouth Safeguarding Adults Board - Safeguarding Adult Review
Miss A - North Lanarkshire Significant case review (May 2016)North Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee case review
Mrs Ash - Glasgow Significant case review (March 2017)Glasgow Adult Protection Committee case review
SCR O18 - Angus 28 February 2020Angus Significant Case Review Adult 018

Reports for good practice guidance

MWC Consenting Adults
MWC Rights and Risks (PDF) [194KB]
MWC Missed Opportunities (PDF) [173KB]
MWC Powers of Attorney (PDF) [105KB]
MWC Hidden Surveillance
'Adults with Incapacity - Communication and Assessing Capacity' (PDF) [162KB]
'Adults with Incapacity - Sexual Relationships and the Criminal Law', MWC 2016 
'Deprivation of liberty advice note', MWC 2015
Alcohol related Brain damage 
Decisions about technology
Professional curiosity guidance (PDF) [165KB]
7 minute Briefing – Professional Curiosity (PDF) [201KB]
The use of the Mental Health Act in Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic
Moves from hospitals to care homes during the pandemic - new report finds wider concerns over adherence to the law (PDF) [1MB]
Multi-Agency Approach to Significant Case Review - March 2021 (PDF) [367KB]
Last in line (PDF) [1MB]
Mental Health Support in Scotland's Prisons 2021 (PDF) [1MB]
Fire Deaths - a brief analysis of reports and reviews to promote discussion within Adult Protection Committees (PDF) [1MB]

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Last modified on 12 January 2024

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