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Green Recovery Capital Development Grant

The fund provides specific support to businesses, enabling them to invest in capital projects to implement new systems, new ways of working, new machinery, and investment in green technology.

Companies can access this grant to grow and invest in significant projects affected financially by the pandemic to the extent that it has limited their ambitions and ability to implement these developments. Grow your business, shrink your carbon footprint, and projects leading to a low carbon future shall be assessed favourably for this fund.

Grants are available up to £25,000 covering up to 50% of eligible costs. Project must be of minimum £10,000, (this equates to a minimum £5,000 match from the business), except for EV charging point applications.

Viable cost

This fund is available for Capital expenditures (CapEx). These are funds used to acquire, upgrade, and maintain physical assets such as property, plants, buildings, technology, or equipment (excluding vehicles). Making capital expenditures on fixed assets should increase the scope of the operations or add some economic benefit to the operation.

The following costs will NOT be funded:

  • Internal payments or salaries
  • Operational costs

The following will be funded if they are part of a wider energy efficiency scheme, are for buildings (if leased) with term of 5 years or more and don't duplicate other government funding sources available:

  • Replacement Windows
  • Solar Panels
  • Vehicle Charging Points

Note: Some revenue expenditure may be eligible if demonstrated as necessary for the delivery of the capital investment.

How to apply

Apply online for funding for your proposed project

Please ensure you have a minimum of two quotes available to upload. Perth & Kinross Council will only pay the grant on the basis of the submitted invoice which is supported by appropriate and accurate evidence in the form of paid invoices. The submission must also contain a minimum of two quotes. Perth & Kinross Council reserves the right to restrict grant funding to 50% maximum of the lowest quote

We will review your request and if successful, you can arrange for the project to commence. The full cost of the project must be met by the applicant and the grant will be paid retrospectively and on receipt of paid invoices.


  • Must be able to demonstrate that impact on income has limited their ability to implement new systems, new ways of working, new machinery, investment in green technology
  • Must be able to demonstrate the immediate need for investment and positive impact for business sustainability and growth associated with this
  • Must be able to demonstrate growth ambitions and the associated opportunity to create new jobs in the longer term; Must be able to demonstrate that investment is not based on replacing equipment on a like for like basis
  • Must provide details and evidence of a business bank account (in the form of an uploaded bank statement) into which grant payments will be made
  • Business premises must be registered for non-domestic rates. Businesses that pay rates through their landlords rather than directly must provide evidence of this
  • The Council reserves the right to request a meeting with the applicant prior to reaching a decision
  • The Council reserves the right to reject grant applications where the applicant has outstanding debt due to the Council
  • Monitoring report to be submitted 12 months after grant payment.  The grant cannot be used for working capital including the payment of rent
  • Project must not be started prior to approval being given
  • Grant may be fully repayable if business ceases trading or moves outside the Perth & Kinross area within 3 years of receiving the grant
  • The full costs need to be met by the recipient and the receipt(s)/copy invoice(s) then submitted to Perth & Kinross Council. Businesses need to factor this into their cash flow
  • Perth and Kinross Council will only pay the grant on the basis of the submitted invoice which is supported by appropriate and accurate evidence in the form of paid invoices
  • The grant cannot contribute towards the cost of statutory fees such as planning permission or a building warrant
  • A maximum award of £25,000 is available per business/social enterprise/community organisation during the lifetime of the scheme
  • The project must be completed, and grant claim invoices received within 12 months of the date of the letter of offer
  • Following payment of the grant, the recipient will be required to provide a report on the outcomes achieved by the investment
  • Business should be prepared, if required, to participate in publicity initiatives arranged by Perth & Kinross Council to promote this grants scheme
  • Business has not breached wider COVID regulations/requirements leading to enforcement action
  • Business is not connected to a tax haven, as set out in the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No 2) Act 2020

For further advice and funding on EV charging please visit:

Applicants will be required to use the list of existing suppliers

Applications will need to include

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of your company's Project and Business Plan (or similar) that incorporates the growth project/activity covered by this application
    • The Business Plan must show:
      • Company information - Name, address, telephone number, legal status, date established
      • The business - History, background, details of products and or services
      • Project details - Description of the project and why the funding is required, sources of funding proposed - including your financial input to the project, amount of funding required from Green Recovery Capital Development Grant, employment implications of the project
      • Marketing - An assessment of the market for the business products and services explaining in detail the route to market, potential customers and the sales approach and methodology which is to be adopted
      • Financial performance - Last two years audited accounts (if applicable), latest management accounts not older than 3 months (if applicable) financial projections for next 2 years, including profit and loss and balance sheets at financial year ends
      • Management and organisation - Management structure, qualifications and experience of key personnel

Please contact if you have any queries.  

Last modified on 01 September 2022

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