Temporary raised structures

If you are organising an event which includes the use of a temporary raised structure, you may require to obtain a permit under Section 89 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. 

A temporary raised structure in this context applies to any platform, staging, stand or similar structure to be used for seating or standing accommodation.

Common examples of structures requiring permission are:

  • Temporary grandstands i.e. tiered seating at circuses, golf events, highland games, etc
  • Stages i.e. at concerts, highland games, etc 
  • Media platforms i.e. for cameramen
  • Siting of trailers, etc for use as a stage.

It does not relate to a tented structure which is in direct contact with the ground but could apply if for any reason this is raised off the ground.

How to apply for a permit

Complete an icon application form [51Kb] - this document details the information and plans you require to include with your application.

Please give as much notice as possible prior to the event.

What happens to my application

We will assess your application and inform you if more detail is required.

Once approved we will issue your Permit to Build, which is accompanied by a sign-off certificate.

When work is complete and ready for inspection you must submit the completed sign-off certificate.

In most cases we will undertake an inspection.

If all work is satisfactory we will issue the Permit to Occupy which means the structure can then be used.

The service is currently free but is subject to review and may be subject to a charge in due course as required by the Act. 


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