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Business testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to give my thanks for the time you were able to afford me last week. It was a real pleasure to speak to someone who has a passion for their role and not to be left feeling as though someone is just going through the motions." 
C Hughes, Enigma Stock Management 
"The Advisory Team at Perth & Kinross Council opened many other doors and introduced to me to other key people within the Council who have all been incredibly important to my business." 
Sarah Mellersh, Let's Cook          
 "The business support and advice provided through the Business Advisory Team at Perth & Kinross Council was invaluable particularly as this was the first time the business had made such an application for financial assistance."
Rami Cohen, Blair Atholl Watermill 
"I found the whole experience very positive, helpful and encouraging."
Stephen Gorton, Fraktul  
 "I can't over-estimate how important the acknowledgement and support offered by the Advisory Team was to my business."
Steve Hunt, Wildmark 
"The service worked very well and the advice and support offered was excellent. The process was very straightforward and requirements made very clear. This is a very useful scheme."
Richard Lockett, Lockett Agri  
 "A very useful scheme, the process helped me develop my thinking and expand my business more quickly than would have been otherwise possible. Perth & Kinross Council were more structured in their approach and more positive than any other business advisory services I have encountered."
Lisa Spalding