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Building warrant fees

Revised fees as of 1 April 2024

1.  Building warrant fees - where work has not already started

Fees listed below exclude discounts.  See section 4 for discounted warrant fees.

Value of works (£)Warrant fee (£)Value of works (£)Warrant fee (£)
0 - 5,000200120,001 - 140,0001,412
5,001 - 5,500219140,001 - 160,0001,529
5,501 - 6,000238160,001 - 180,0001,646
6,001 - 6,500257180,001 - 200,0001,763
6,501 - 7,000276200,001 - 220,0001,880
7,001 - 7,500295220,001 - 240,0001,997
7,501 - 8,000314240,001 - 260,0002,114
8,001 - 8,500333260,001 - 280,0002,231
8,501 - 9,000352280,001 - 300,0002,348
9,001 - 9,500371300,001 - 320,0002,465
9,501 - 10,000390320,001 - 340,0002,582
10,001 - 11,000412340,001 - 360,0002,699
11,001 - 12,000434360,001 - 380,0002,816
12,001 - 13,000456380,001 - 400,0002,933
13,001 - 14,000478400,001 - 420,0003,050
14,001 - 15,000500420,001 - 440,0003,167
15,001 - 16,000522440,001 - 460,0003,284
16,001 - 17,000544460,001 - 480,0003,401
17,001 - 18,000566480,001 - 500,0003,518
18,001 - 19,000588500,001 - 550,0003,720
19,001 - 20,000610550,001 - 600,0003,922
20,001 - 30,000681600,001 - 650,0004,124
30,001 - 40,000752650,001 - 700,0004,326
40,001 - 50,000823700,001 - 750,0004,528
50,001 - 60,000894750,001 - 800,0004,730
60,001 - 70,000965800,001 - 850,0004,932
70,001 - 80,0001,036850,001 - 900,0005,134
80,001 - 90,0001,107900,001 - 950,0005,336
90,001 - 100,0001,178950,001 - 1,000,0005,538
100,001 - 120,0001,295For every 100,000 or part thereof over 1 millionAdd 287
1.1Warrant for Conversion only, without building work150
1.2Warrant for Demolition only, with no immediate rebuild150
1.3Staged building warrantThe fee payable along with the first stage is calculated using the value of work table 1 above if no discounts and table 4 below if discounts are applicable. Each subsequent stage is then subject to the amendment to warrant fee.
1.4Disabled Adaptation Fee ExemptionNo fee payable for work in or to a house to make it suitable for a disabled person - See Note vii

2.  Application for amendment of warrant under 2004 regulations

2.1Amendment where value of works is not increased by more than £5000150
 Amendment is to a warrant for conversion150
 Amendment is to a warrant for demolition150
2.2Amendment where value of works is increased by over £5000Fee is calculated using the fee in table 1 above where no discounts are applicable, with the cost increase used as the value of works i.e. if increase is £20,000, fee is £530. Fee is calculated using the fee table in 4 below where discounts are applicable.

Note: For an amendment to a warrant approved under the 1990 regulations refer to the old fee list available from our website or from our office

3.  Application for a late building warrant ie where work has commenced

3.1Late application for a building warrant for the construction of a building or the provision of services, fittings and  equipment in connection with a building (whether or not combined with an application for demolition)Fee is 200% of the fee calculated in accordance with the table of fees above.
3.2Late application for demolition only250

4.  Discounted warrant fees


Where Certificates of Design are submitted along with your warrant application or confirmation is given that a Certificate of Design will be submitted before warrant approval. There are currently 2 such schemes are available (1) Section1- Structure SER and (2) Section 6- Energy.

The discount applies to building warrant; late building warrant; amendment of warrant where cost of works is increased by over £5,000 i.e. where the fee in 2.2 above applies, and to completion without warrant.

Take 10% (or the fixed levels of discounts for values of work up to £100,000 indicated in the full fees document (PDF) [449KB] ) for each certificate of design included.*
4.2In addition to those under 4.1 a further discount can apply to an application for building warrant and late building warrant if you use contractors who are members of a Certifier of Construction scheme. (At application stage complete the appropriate section on the building warrant application form and then include the certificates with your completion certificate.) For Completion Certificate Where No Warrant Is Obtained certificates must accompany the application

Take 3% (or the fixed levels of discount for values of work up to £100,000 indicated in the full fees document (PDF) [449KB] ) for each certificate covering an approved scheme, or

20% for a single certificate covering the construction of the entire building all subject to a maximum discount of 20%.

5.  Completion certificates submitted where no warrant is obtained

5.1For the construction of a building or the provision of services, fittings and equipment in connection with a building (whether or not combined within an application for demolition).Fee is 300% of the fee calculated in accordance with the table in Part 1. Fee can be discounted as outlined in Section 4 when application includes certificate(s) of design and/or certificate(s) of construction.
5.2For the demolition of a building only400
5.3For conversion of a building only400

6.  Application for extension for the duration of a building warrant

An extension is initially granted for a 9 month period. (Additional extensions may be agreed at discretion of Verifier)150

Important notes

i.  The warrant / amendment fee payable is based on estimated value of works excluding VAT.

ii.  As noted below, the estimated value of works has to reflect true value and not necessarily actual cost.

iii. This is an extract from the Procedural handbook produced by the Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government: "The applicant must use the  normal market costs rather than any discounted costs which they might be able to achieve" "The verifier may check the amount by reference to established indices of building costs, for example the RICS Building Cost Information Surveys of Tender Prices"

iv. Please note that if your application involves the demolition and immediate rebuild on the site, the value of works must include the estimated cost of the demolition as well as the cost of the new build.

v. Details of the Certifiers of Design scheme and Certifiers of Construction scheme can be found on the website of the Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government website.

vi. If you claim a discount by for the use of Certifier(s) of Construction and subsequently fail to provide the appropriate certificates on completion, you will be required to repay the discount you obtained before any completion certificate is accepted.

vii. Disabled adaptation fee does not apply for disabled people in general, it only applies to domestic works specifically to make it suitable for use by a disabled person.

Last modified on 03 April 2024

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