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Access forum

The Perth & Kinross Outdoor Access Forum is an independent group of individuals and representatives of organisations appointed by the Council under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

Anyone can apply for membership and can attend the annual open meeting and election held in early May.


The Forum has several subgroups which look in more detail at areas of particular interest and report back to the Forum.

Core Paths Planning

During the planning stage an Access sub-group was established to advise on which routes were suitable as Core Paths. Selection criteria for Core Paths were agreed by the Forum in 2006. The Forum endorsed the Draft Core Paths Plan in August 2008 prior to its publication for formal consultation.

Meetings & events

The Forum meets quarterly and also holds an annual open meeting and election.  Links with the National Access Forum and other Local Access Forums are made through members participating in joint meetings and events.  Anyone wishing to attend a meeting or find out more about the Access Forum is welcome to contact the Forum convenor or send an email to

Agendas and minutes from the meetings can be viewed using the links below.  Notes from older meetings can be made available on request.

Meetings in 2023

Date of meetingAgendaNote of meeting
31 August 2023 Agenda 31.08.23 (PDF) [81KB] Minute 31.08.23 (PDF) [71KB]
27 April 2023 Agenda 27.04.23 (PDF) [32KB] Minute 27.04.23 (PDF) [16KB]
23  February 2023 Agenda 23.02.23 (PDF) [32KB] Minute 23.02.23 (PDF) [92KB]

Meetings in 2022

Date of meetingAgendaNote of meeting
24 November 2022 Agenda 24.11.22 (PDF) [80KB] Minute 24.11.22 (PDF) [37KB]
September 2022No meeting held-
03  March 2022 Agenda 03.03.22 (PDF) [13KB] Minute 03.03.22 (PDF) [76KB]
09 June 2022 Agenda 09.06.22 (PDF) [34KB] Minute 09.06.22 (PDF) [88KB]

Meetings in 2021

Date of meetingAgendaNote of meeting
18 February 2021 Agenda 18.02.21 (PDF) [60KB] Minute 18.02.21 (PDF) [73KB]
22 April 2021 Agenda 22.04.21 (PDF) [11KB] Minute 22.04.21 (PDF) [16KB]
05 August 2021 Agenda 05.08.21 (PDF) [10KB] Minute 05 08 21 (PDF) [15KB]
11 November 2021 Agenda 11.11.21 (PDF) [8KB] Minute 11.11.21 (PDF) [17KB]

Meetings in 2020

Date of meetingAgendaNote of meeting
14 February 2020 Agenda 14.02.20 (PDF) [7KB] Minute 14.02.20 (PDF) [68KB]
May 2020                          No meeting held (Covid-19)-
August 2020 Agenda 27.08.20 (PDF) [7KB] Minute 27.08.20 (PDF) [75KB]
November 2020No meeting held-

Meetings in 2019

Date of meetingAgendaNote of meeting
21 February 2019 Agenda 21.02.19 (PDF) [282KB] Minute 21.02.19 (PDF) [13KB]
15 May 2019 Agenda 15.05.19 (PDF) [179KB] Minute 15.05.19 (PDF) [12KB]
29 August 2019 Agenda 29.08.19 (PDF) [7KB] Minute 29.08.19 (PDF) [15KB]
21 November 2019 Agenda 21.11.19 (PDF) [7KB] Minute 21.11.19 (PDF) [16KB]

Meetings in 2018

Date of meetingAgendaNote of meeting
15 February 2018 Agenda 15.2.18 (PDF) [8KB] Minute 15.2.18 (PDF) [110KB]
24 May 2018 Agenda 24.5.18 (PDF) [7KB] Minute 24.05.18 (PDF) [221KB]
2nd August 2018 Agenda 02.08.18 (PDF) [7KB] Minute 02.08.18 (PDF) [191KB]
15th November 2018 Agenda 15.11.18 (PDF) [86KB] Minute 15.11.18 (PDF) [421KB]
Last modified on 28 November 2023

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