Members of religious communities

If you are a member of a religious community, you may be able to get a discount on your council tax bill.

You may be eligible for 25% discount if you live with another adult or 50% discount if you live alone or only with others who qualify.  If there are other adults residing at the property, you may still be entitled to a discount depending on their circumstances.  Please contact Local Taxes on 01738 477430 for more information.

This discount reduces your Council Tax, water and sewerage.


To qualify, you must:

  • be a member of a religious community whose main occupation is prayer, contemplation, education, the relief of suffering or a range of these
  • have no capital or income of your own (a pension from a former employer is disregarded)
  • depend on the religious community for your material needs

How to apply

Further evidence may be required.

Contact details

Local Taxes

Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD
Tel 01738 477430