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Placing request

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What happens if I want to send my child to a school outside my local catchment area?

Although it is usual for children to attend their local catchment area school, you have the right to make a placing request asking that your child be placed in a school other than your local catchment area school.

Please note that when making a placing request for a school other than your child's catchment school that this request will be considered as your first choice of school. You are therefore giving up the right to your child's place in the catchment school and if your placing request is unsuccessful, it cannot be guaranteed that a space will still be available at the catchment school as all places could be filled by children whose first choice of school is the catchment school. As this applies to both denominational and non-denominational schools, you should be aware if an unsuccessful placing request is made to an outwith catchment denominational school a space may no longer be available at the catchment denominational school.

We will try to grant your request, provided there are places at the school you choose.

How do I apply for a placing request?

Apply online

The closing date for submitting a placing request for session 2024/25 is 15 March 2024. For requests received by the closing date of 15 March 2024, parents/carers will be informed of the outcome of their requests by 30 April 2024. Any requests made after this date will still be considered, but it is possible that places in certain schools may no longer be available.

A placing request guide (PDF) [2MB]  is available online for parents, carers and young persons.

Please note for school session 2024/25 commencing 14 August 2024, places will be prioritised and allocated in accordance with the   Revised School Admission Policy (PDF) [184KB] .

It should be noted that where a successful placing request is made, you, as a parent/carer must accept full responsibility for the arrangement and cost of transport to and from the school.

If a placing request is refused, you can lodge an appeal in writing which will be heard by an Appeals Committee.

Gaelic Medium Education

Gaelic Medium Education (primary education) is available to children entering P1 at Breadalbane Primary School, Aberfeldy and Goodlyburn Primary School, Perth. If you are outwith the catchment areas for these schools you can make a placing request. More information on Gaelic Medium Education can also be found in the Gaelic Medium Education Leaflet (PDF) [2MB]  or by contacting 01738 476495.

Approval of reserved places for 2024/25

Reserved places refer to the number of places which we consider are reasonably required to accommodate pupils likely to become resident within the catchment area of a school during the period of considering placing requests and during that school year.

Last modified on 22 April 2024

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