Secondary school meals

The cost of a secondary school meal varies according to individual choice from icon the price list [128Kb] and is £2.30 for a two course meal menu.

How do I pay for secondary school meals?

Online payments

Online payments are available in all secondary schools. This means you can pay for school meals (as well as many other school activities) from your computer or mobile device. This facility includes payment receipt and balance status as well as automatic reminders should your account require additional funds. Please note that credit is not extended to secondary pupils.

Cash payments

Cash is accepted at all till points and can also be added to a pupils' account. Pupils can also request cashback at the tills.

Free meals

If you are registered to receive free meals, £2.30 (2018-19) is added to your account daily - use your NEC to access that spend each day - it's worth over £400 a year.

Note: Unspent value is removed daily.

For further information on secondary school online/cash payments, please refer to our icon FAQs [89Kb].

*If you have not yet applied for your NEC or you lose it - don't worry.  See your cook in charge who will be able to provide you with a temporary card and an NEC application form.  You may be asked to provide proof of name and class. NECs are replaced free of charge (currently) through the NEC helpline 01738 475000. If you do continue to lose your temporary card then second and subsequent replacements may attract a small charge to cover our costs.

Secondary schools operate a cafeteria style service with a wide choice of food options being made available. The service has seen a great improvement in recent years with the focus on speeding up service and providing fresh, quality meals and snacks that provide our customers with icon good nutrition [209Kb]icon Eating in school [124Kb] also provides great value, especially when you buy one of our icon meal deals [321Kb].

All schools offer:

  • icon Hot counter [2Mb] with a choice of items including a vegetarian option
  • Hot snack counter - many schools have a dedicated hot and cold snack kiosk or external kiosk
  • Baguette bar with a range of breads, wraps, and baguettes and plenty of fillings to suit everyone's needs
  • Fresh food and drinks vending
  • Electronic pre-order kiosks
  • icon Meal deals [321Kb]
  • Speciality Days such as a barbecue also feature as appropriate throughout the year.

Medically prescribed diets/Nut and peanut allergy

For secondary pupils, we recommend that pupils liaise with the cook-in-charge about any special diet requirements they might have and from here the cook-in-charge will assist the pupil to make appropriate selections from the wide choice of available foods. Food allergens are declared on menu posters or via on-pack labels.

Contact details

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Tel 01738 476341