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Water supply improvement grants

Improvement grants are available at the moment to nearly all properties served by a private water supply.

Applications can be made by owner occupiers, landlords, tenants and other relevant persons. Financial assistance of up to £800 per property is available without means testing. Further financial assistance may be available where an applicant can demonstrate that they would not be able to meet the costs of the improvements without incurring undue hardship.

If an applicant is in receipt of a means tested benefit they may be able to claim a modest amount in excess of £800. A mandated application is also possible; this means that where an applicant has insufficient funds to pay for the works we can ensure that the contractor is paid directly by us.

The first step is to have a Water supply risk assessment conducted by staff from this Service. We will then forward you a letter detailing the works necessary for improvement and a grant application form. Group applications between neighbours are encouraged, but individual properties may also apply.

We cannot issue grants retrospectively for works which are already started or completed or to allow users to connect to the public mains water supply. Grants are also not available for new build properties.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a risk assessment prior to grant application.

Last modified on 28 January 2022

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