Greener living

What is greener living?

We are committed to making Perth and Kinross a better place to live, and we recognise that Perth and Kinross does not stand in isolation, rather the things that we do have wider impacts beyond our boundaries. Green living is about the choices we can make in our everyday lives to protect our environment, for the benefit of all. We aim to empower you with simple, direct information on green alternatives which make a real, lasting difference.

Every 'green' action we take as individuals makes a difference. As a community of individuals we can affect and influence the quality of our area. Please use these pages to find information on going greener at home and within your community. You can also find out about what's happening across Perth and Kinross.

Why do we need to worry about changing the way we live?

It's because we have to act now to minimise the adverse effects of climate change, and to achieve a better quality of life. This article can help you start being greener, with links to more detailed information if you want it. You can cut your carbon footprint, help look after nature and save money with simple changes. Try making your home more energy efficient, using greener driving tips and wasting less food.

You can also use our Integrated appraisal toolkit to find out how your community project or development can contribute to making Perth and Kinross an even better place to live.

Green living is a responsibility we all must take seriously.

Where can I start?

Top 10 things you can do:

  • Update the lighting in your home with energy saving light bulbs
  • Switch off appliances - don't leave them on standby
  • Insulate your home to make it cheaper and cosier
  • Put a water saving device in your toilet cistern
  • Share car journeys wherever you can
  • Cycle, walk or take public transport to replace car journeys at least once a week
  • Buy locally grown, seasonal produce
  • Boil only the water you need, instead of a full kettle every time
  • Re-use more
  • Take your own bag when you shop rather than plastic carriers