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Housing complaints

There are different methods to lodging complaints, and requesting service.

If you are unhappy about something around your home, you can do one of the following.

Request for Service

If your toilet breaks or your central heating malfunctions this isn't a complaint, it's a request for service. You can report the problem directly to our Repairs Service Centre on 01738 476000 (option 1) or contact your local area housing office.

Neighbour Complaint

This is a complaint about the behaviour of people who live near you and their visitors. Contact your local area housing office for advice and support

Environmental Complaint

You may be unhappy with the maintenance of your neighbourhood, including messy or vandalised garden areas, closes, pavements etc. Report the situation to your local area housing office who will be able to give advice.

Service Complaint

If at any point you are unhappy with the service we have provided to you, you can make a complaint under the Council's complaints procedure (PDF) [750KB]

Reporting a Significant Performance Failure to the Scottish Housing Regulator

The Housing (S) Act 2010 requires the Scottish Housing Regulator to make arrangements to enable tenants of social landlords to provide it with information about Significant Performance Failures (SPFs). The Regulator has published this factsheet which explains what constitutes a SPF and how tenants can report them.

Last modified on 12 July 2021

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