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National publications

icon Protecting Children and Young People: Child Protection Committee and Chief Officer Responsibilities Guidance (Scottish Government: February 2019) [373Kb] - Scottish Government national guidance for child protection committees and chief officers group which describes the role, remit and business purpose.

icon Scottish Government National Missing Persons Framework for Scotland 2017 [2Mb] - The National Missing Persons Framework for Scotland sets out the roles and shared responsibilities of respective agencies, as well as key national objectives and supporting commitments to focus our efforts on preventing people from going missing and limiting the harm associated when they do go missing.

icon Scottish Government Trafficking Exploitation Strategy 2017 [826Kb] - Scottish Government's strategy to work with partners to make Scotland a more hostile place for human trafficking.

icon Practice Guide to Chronologies (Care Inspectorate 2017) [294Kb] - Care Inspectorate good practice guidance for the development and use of chronologies in child protection practice.  

icon National Action Plan to Prevent and Eradicate FGM 2016 - 2020 - Feb 2016 [2Mb]icon Scottish Government FGM Statement [525Kb]icon NEW - Scottish Government Guidance on Responding to FGM in Scotland - November 2017. [2Mb] - Scottish Government considers Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to be an unacceptable and illegal practice. It is abuse and a violation of human rights of women and girls. Scotland's action plan to tackle FGM and FGM statement.

icon National Guidance for CPCs: Conducting a Significant Case Review 2015 [9Mb] - Scottish Government national guidance for CPCs when conducting Significant Case Reviews

icon National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014 [4Mb] - The guidance provides a national framework within which agencies and practitioners at local level - individually and jointly - can understand and agree processes for working together to support, promote and safeguard and the wellbeing of all children.

Scottish Government's Guide to Advocacy 2014 - This guide is for anyone who advocates for a child or young person.

icon National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland - Disabled Children 2014 [5Mb] - These additional practice notes have been designed to be read in conjunction with local single and inter-agency child protection procedures and the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland which was refreshed in 2014, particularly Part 4, "Child Protection in Specific Circumstances".

icon Getting Our Priorities Right 2013 [1Mb] - Updated good practice guidance for all agencies and practitioners working with children, young people and families affected by problematic alcohol and/or drug use

icon National Learning and Development Framework 2012 [2Mb] - This National Framework for Child Protection Learning & Development in Scotland 2012 is designed to complement existing material. It will help all of those who are part of the multi-agency workforce to recognise the importance to them of child protection learning and development, and to identify their own needs.

National Risk Framework to Support the Assessment of Children and Young People 2012 - The Scottish Government National Risk Assessment Framework Guidance and Online Toolkit for child protection to support practitioners in identifying and acting on child protection risks in children and young people.

icon Guidance on Joint Investigative Interviewing of Child Witnesses in Scotland 2011 [1Mb] - This good practice guidance is for police officers and social workers who are carrying out joint investigative interviews with children (aged under 16 on commencement of the initial interview).